Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bath Products and Dilemma...

Ok... are you ready to hear about my day?!?! haha.
So it started out with me sleeping in! I was just so dang tired (and there was no cheer practice)!
It was so nice to get that extra sleep in! :) So I woke up about 9 am and I saw something on pinterest that I wanted to try! :) I have been waking up every day lately with an upset stomach... Well.. I found a link about cinnamon and honey and everything it can do for you! :) (stomach aches, weight loss, digestion, etc.) Once I saw that it helps stomach aches I was sold! So I warmed up a cup of water and put 1 Tablespoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon in it! :) And it worked!! But it tasted really watered down, so I might add a tinsy bit more honey next time! :) And I'm going to drink it every morning! :)
Then I sewed a little and finished a project, that I will let you know about shortly! :)
Then I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone, so I walked in my bathroom to find this:
 DANG!!! So I tried to get it to just go back in the wall and it didn't work... So our towel rack is hanging by a thread! haha. Well anyway, I didn't want to worry about it, and I wanted to do what I went in the bathroom to do and that is TAKE A BATH!! :)
Bath and Body Works had their semi-annual sale and I saw these gems and had to get them! :)
I took a bubble bath with the energy one and I loved the smell of it!! :)
Well the 2 birds with 1 stone I was talking about was taking a bath and doing homework at the same time! I haven't taken a bath in AGES!! I always just shower because it's faster and I never feel like I have time to just relax and enjoy a bath. (And I feel like baths are dirty!)
I decided I needed to relax every once in a while and why not take one if I can do my homework at the same time?? So I grabbed my bathroom cleaner (which I cleaned the bath tub yesterday for like 2 hours, that includes the tile on the wall of the bath tub too though.. haha. But I just wanted to clean it again so I knew it was sparkling clean and ready for me to get in!) and I went to town cleaning the bath tub for a good half hour! haha. I would spray it down, scrub it, rinse it off with hot water, and repeat in case I missed a spot or it needed extra cleaning, and I probably repeated that process about 10 times!! hahaha. I think I'm a germaphobe  when it comes to bath tubs! haha.
Well I finally got done cleaning it and took the energy bubble bath and put it in the bath and filled the bath tub up with hot water! :) I got in and started doing my homework and it worked out great! :) (My homework was reading in case you were wondering! :) Not sure if I could have my computer or write in the tub!! hahaha.) Then it was so relaxing I just sorta lost track of time and an hour went by! haha. So I drained the bath tub and cleaned it again and then took a shower! :) (I don't think I could ever just use a bath as a shower and call it good... I would not feel clean! ha.)
Well the water was just so warn that I ended up taking an hour long shower too... but it ended after that because there was no more hot water, so I had to rinse out my conditioner and wash my face with freezing cold water!! haha.

Oh and in between that I cooked a glazed ham for lunch and went to the post office and the bank! haha. :)

So ya that is basically how my day has gone! :) haha.
Have a great night!!
I will be spending my Wednesday night watching Nashville! :)

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Candace Stevenson said...

K you're the cutest!! I totally agree about bath tubs. They are my worst favorite thing to clean. That and obviously the toilet. Bleh. You are like a super hero over here! You got like 90 things done and still made ham. haha love your cute blog!!

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