Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching Up Part 10: December and January! :)

December we were able to do so many new things. We went to Minnesota for a farming forum thing and we got to go to the Mall of America! :) It was SO much fun! Our hotel was in Minneapolis, so we rode a town bus thing to the lightrail which is the train that goes from the Target Center to the Mall of America, and that is what we took to the Mall of America! It was SO fun, it is the biggest mall ever!!! haha. We didn't even make it through the whole thing, but what we did make it through was awesome from the food to the shopping!! :)
We celebrated Austin's birthday, sat up our Christmas decorations, had family parties which we always love! :) We had a great time on Christmas and we got to talk to my brother, who is on his mission in Brazil! :) He told us that he gets home July 4th!!! AHHHHHH... every time I think about it I just get SO SO SO excited!!! :) And everyone spoiled me on Christmas. Austin got my some beautiful flowers.. He know's that any kind of Lily is my fav! :) He got me clothes, shoes, movies, winter clothes (I didn't have any winter clothes and Austin was so shocked when I told him, so he took me shopping and got me such cute and warm winter clothes so I could go snowmachining with him, which we did with his parents and sister. :) The trees looked like hooville!! haha. :) It was such a blast! It was my first time snow machining and I loved it!! :) I hit 10,000 miles in my car.. YIKES!! haha. We celebrated New Year's with our family, and we hosted the party! It was a blast.. but poor little Lyla was sick and it was so sad. 
January has been full of hot chocolate with homeade marshmallows, leftover holiday candy, eating, getting calendars for our home.. haha. (Austin wanted the Justin Bieber calendar as a joke and so I really got it for him! :D), watching our kitties grow, and starting the winter semester of school. :)
Well Saturday we started DYW practice and I am teaching the fitness routine and the opening to the girls. They are such a fun group, and I'm excited to watch them that night.. they are going to do so great! :)
One more thing.. so Saturday night I had a paper and quiz due... I opened up the BYU-I site, got onto I-Learn, went to open the assignment to submit it, and our power went wack-o and came back on dim. The internet wasn't working so I started crying but I have the best husband and he helped me not freak out as much. When I woke up Sunday morning the internet was working again, so I submitted my assignment and then I was FREEZING!! Well come to find out our heater stopped working, so it was 40 degrees inside our house and -15 outside!! BRR brrr brrr!!!! We tried to get the heater fixed which made us late for church, and when we got home we got a hold of the heater guys and they told us a ton of things to do to get the heater working again, and we finally got it working!! :) Well Austin's dad and sister brought over a ton of heaters to help warm up our house which was SO nice of them!! :) Now I want an EdenPURE heater so bad!! hahaha. :) I've been sitting right next to it all day, but we have to take it back to them. haha. 
Well this morning we had power but found out that BYU-I didn't.. but since I have online classes, I didn't really have to worry about going up to campus for classes. haha. That was nice! :)
Tonight Austin and his dad are on their way to Utah to go to a Utah Jazz vs. Miami Heat game! :)
So I am blogging and I'm going to watch The Bachelor. haha. :)
Enjoy the pictures!!
We bought the globe at the forum in Minnesota, which the TSA thought was a bomb... hahaha. Well anyway.. It spins with natural light, and I put it next to my Christus because Christ watches over the world!! :) ya ya?? :)
I have to end this post with a picture of cute Lyla on New Year's Eve!! :) We just love her SO much!! :)
I am finally done catching up!! :) 
Now I will start posting different things! :D Be excited! :)
Have a great Monday night! 


ashley said...

Thank you thank you for taking care of Lyla and me when she got sick at your house. sad sad sad.

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Spread the good news... it would mean a lot to me if you followed me at

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