Friday, January 11, 2013

Catching Up Part 9: November!

Seriously, Thank goodness for instagram!! haha. I probably would be boring you guys with all words and no pictures if I didn't have instagram to save me! haha. :) If you'd like you follow me on instagram, my name on there is: aubree_egbert
Ok, so November is a month to give thanks! I am so thankful for everything. I know that's a stretch, but seriously! I am so grateful to have a loving husband! He is the best! And to have a loving family, I honestly don't know what I would do without my family (all of them! Furrows', Egberts, Fields, Holms, Simmons, and Barretts)!
I am thankful to have a warm house in the freezing weather, and the gospel. I love the gospel and yes I am always crying at church and when the primary kids sing in sharing time, but I just feel so grateful to know that I was born in the gospel, and that I will be able to live with loved ones again, and that trials help make us stronger and prepare us for things to come. 
I'm thankful for blogs, to make sure I keep a journal (even though a lot of times and am just trying to do major catching up, and I don't write super personal things on here.. that is what my good ole' pen and paper in my journal are for!).
So ya.. basically I am thankful for everything.. I could seriously go on and on with what I am thankful for, but this blog post will never end if I do... hahaha. So there are just a few things I am grateful for, even though it isn't November anymore... (Let's just pretend for a second ok?? :D K.. done pretending. haha)
November was filled with fun!
Cooking, doing nails, birthdays, family time, baptisms, a super fun trip to Oregon, watching the new twilight, finished my bedspread I had been working on for almost 2 years (yay, it was my first bedspread), getting my first MK order, voting, having to get a new dryer (This one wasn't so much fun, but now we have a reliable dryer!.. and let me just say... make sure you have an emergency fund because you never know when you might need to use it for random things, like a dryer! haha.), watched my little brothers piano recital, watching plays, making pumpkin better than whatever cake for my grand opening!! YUM!, fundraisers, taco bell, and thanksgiving!! :) Enjoy the pictures! :)
Have you ever tried finding a spice, and no matter how hard you looked and how many times, you couldn't find it??!! I hate that!! haha.
Ok... I had to throw this picture in because it cracks me up!! It is 2 pictures put into one.. haha. The first one, Austin was cut off, and the second one, Hannah was cut off, so we tried to make me have a full face when we put the two together so it would look like one picture and it didn't quite work out. hahaha.
I had to throw in my cute niece!! :) She loves looking at herself on cameras! haha. :)
One more catching up post and I will be caught up!! WOOHOO!! :)
Have a great Friday night!! :)

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