Saturday, January 5, 2013

Catching up Part 5: Busy Month of July!

Sorry for the serious lack of blogging! My new years resolution is to blog every week! :)
Our month of July was super busy! (I know that was like 6 months ago... YIKES! haha)
I will just let the pictures do the talking and put some captions! :)
I just have to show you how wet I got at Lagoon, from my last post (Our 1 year anniversary)
 Family time!
 Dates with the hubby!
 WAY too much laundry! haha.
 Teaching primary! :)
 More family time! 
This is my cute little niece!! Isn't she the cutest?!?!? :)
Learning how to do sweet braids and having Hannah as my guinea pig! :)
What if Hannah was a burnette?
 Dressing up
 Trips to Utah
 My grandma's birthday party! :)
 Going to Cedar City for Austin's mission presidents homecoming.
 Making our own J-Dawgs! :)
 Trying different buns in my short hair. haha
 Workin' with Aust
 Family time at the Greenbelt.
 My Sisters-in-law made cookies for us, and used our past due sign. haha.
Breakfast Martini
My cousin got married!! :)
The Maxi skirt I made
Banana bread.. YUM!
Going to the Playmill with  the fam!
I won a Mikarose Giveaway here!!! :D 
 While I was swathing... I hit a cat, and it had kittens, but the kittens lived! So I took them home and had to bottle feed them and their eyes were still closed. We named them Blackie and Whitey! The black one got a little cut on his leg, so we put medicine on it, and nursed him back to health and he wasn't limping anymore, but then he got ran over a few weeks after we got it, but the white one is still alive and healthy!! :D
They are so cute!
 More working!
 And I gave myself eyelash extensions! :) I wouldn't recommend doing it to yourself because it is really hard! haha. They are individual lashes and it took like 5 minutes to put each one on! haha. :)

As you can see our month of July was full of fun things!! :)
We enjoyed it so much!
Have a great night until next post! :)

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