Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catching Up Part 8: October

Our month of September was busy busy busy!! ha.
It included, spud harvest, catching up on Americas Next Top Model, cheer, family time, shopping, eating, watching Hannah at state DYW, My sister all dolled up to ride in my potato truck with me... haha. Keeping sprinklers on when it freezes, general conference, making finger nativity puppets, Austin surprising me with homeade dinner (cooked all by himself!!), date nights, Rusten building a wii out of legos (AMAZING!!), Austin getting surprised with an early Christmas gift!! :) Starting Mary Kay, Insanity, and watching our kitties play and we got them a house! Cooking and Halloween!! Oh and making a Jamba sign and then spilling Austin's Jamba all over my carpet on the driver side of my car.. DANG IT!!! hahaha. (We got it cleaned up though, don't worry! ha :D)
Enjoy the pictures!! :)
Have a great Tuesday night!! :)

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