Saturday, September 11, 2010

You don't even realize..

Ok.... so I keep looking at everyone's blog and think to myself, "Man I need to update mine, but I will in a little bit cause it hasn't even been that long." Well today I realized how long it really has been... haha.. My goal is to one of these days be able to post on my blog and not have huge gaps in between. :)

So over the summer this was my favorite snow cone. I got it every time. :)

Banana split snow cone. It is delicious! It might look gross, but it doesn't taste gross at all. :)

So this is my dream house. :) The inside is AMAZING!!!

My little brother decided to play with his kittens so he wrote this note to my mom. haha. He cracks me up. And guess where he was?? :)

So a while ago we had a multi stake youth conference. We did a service project and then watched a magician. It was so cool. If you haven't ever seen a magician in real life.. I highly recommend you see one soon!! You'll love it!! :) Then T Minus 5 performed and they were so good! :)

I went boating and went tubing with a crazy driver.... enough said. hahaha.

Our cat had kittens once again. ha. And she's pregnant with more. ha. But the little kittens are so cute when they walk. They wobble and their so stinkin cute! :)

So I got this green necklace and I love it!! :) It's so cute. I wore it to my senior pictures too. :)

I worked at Western Wings! :)

A few cheerleaders and I went to a stunt camp. :) It was so much fun and we learned lots of cool new stunts! :) We slept on the wat down and I was wearing a jacket so it left marks in my arm. haha. :)

This guys had huge arms:

My mom, Rusten, and I had a family night. We walked on the path in our town and swung on the swings!! :) It was so much fun!! :)

Me on the first day of school! :) I love my classes. They are fun! :)

Hannah and I went to the fair and we had to park like IN this tree. haha. Well that night when I took her to the junction there were leaves stuck in the window! hahaha.

In student council we got our mascot head out. I wanted to try it on so this is Jentry and I posing while I'm in the head of the mascot! GO TROJANS!!! ha. :)

K so... my A button on this computer is retarded. it like isn't on the computer anymore so I bet you can only guess how long this post took to write. haha. That's why I didn't do much detail. Hopefully it's fixed soon though! :)
Have a great patriot day everyone! :)

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.::*Karrie*::. said...

I can't wait to see your senior pictures! :]
I bet they will be gorgeous! ha.

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