Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bike Ride... Check! :)

So Hannah and I have been planning bike rides all summer, but we never went on one. Well last night we finally were able to go on n awesome 6 mile bike ride! It was SO much fun! We rode down the road to the main road and when we were on the main road we had to stay right behind each other so we didn't get hit. haha. Then we rode around the block I guess you could call it. :)
We decided to watch The Last Song and Hannah told me to try to do a back flip onto the Love Sac. It seemed kinda scary but I decided to try it and it was SO much fun!! :) I just wanted to do flips all night. hahahaha. And I was trying to show Hannah how to set for back tucks. It was great!
So we decided to just take the a button off and now it works fast. You just hit the white button and it works like a charm. haha. Ok.. I know that's a little redneck ish to do, but hey it works! hahaha. :)
Have a wonderful Sunday and wish me luck on my Government test tomorrow! :)

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