Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two peas in a pod.

So yesterday:

  • In the morning I walked into my economics class, when a girl was talking about a kid that got hit by a BUS!!! I guess the sophomore, Dylan? was on his bike when a bus hit him. He broke his leg and passed out. Sad deal. I wonder how the bus driver feels. I would feel horrible.
  • Then I was in semnary and my seminary teacher was telling us that destroying us is what satan wants, but if we pray, God helps us and he knows what satan is gonna try.. and he has things happen in life for a reason, and sometimes satan is happy until he realizes that God is behind it, so really Satan didn't destroy us. hahaha.
  • We talked about playing a chess game with Heavenly Father. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?? He would know every move you were going to make. You could just be like, "Hey Heavenly Father, will you help me out and just move my piece for me since you know what move I'm gonna make anyway. haha. And we tried to put it in perspective of if you were playing the computer on the highest level. It's like IMPOSSIBLE to win. haha. :)

Yesterday after school I went to decorate our Exec. Student Council float for the homecoming parade. It was so fun! Who knew decorating a float would be so funny. ha. So...

  1. We used spraypaint to paint the RHS Exec. Council on the posters.. Well the R on RHS wasn't working out too well. haha. We tried to fix that sucker the pirst time by painting it gold over the maroon streak.... NO LUCK! Then we tried again when it was dry and then putting the shadow Maroon on it.... still NO LUCK! Finally after about 50 tries we just cut our the RHS. We decided that everyone that's gonna be watching the parade will already know we're from RHS. hahaha. :)
  2. I was painting Council in cursive on the second poster and you can only guess what happened... No luck. hahaha. The wind picked up and it was blowing the paint so it wasn't even like spraying on the dang paper. haha. By this time we were all laughing our heads off thinking, "Wow what else could go wrong."
  3. Ya... something else went wrong. The wind seemed like a tornado and it started blowing everything around so we had to move it in the garage and almost got like high from the dang paint. ha. It was really fun though to decorate. I enjoyed it. :)

(This is a hershey's COOKIES & CREAM KISS!!!! It was delicious!)

Last night I went to West Jeff's powderpuff and it was fun. Hannah WON!! :) YA! Go Hannah! haha. :) Then I went to Hannah's house, and her dad, Kirk, was being so funny about these shoes that separated toes and a kid from Madison was wearing them. haha.

Today started out funny and it ended good. :)

So I walk in to Government and this is what I see:

(Russell and Mr. Selditz wearing matching shirts.)

Yes, it seems crazy but they didn't plan it! hahaha. It was so stinkin funny though. We were all cracking up that a student would happen to wear the same shirt as the teacher on the same day. hahaha. :)

After school today I had to go to Rexburg. I went to Les Schwab and gave them my keys and left. I was so nervous though cause I didn't know what to say.

Well my brother picks me up and we go to sheena's. He says:
  • "Aubree what time did they say to pick up the car?" I tell him I don't know and that they didn't tell me. They just asked for my name.
  • He freaks out and says "What? Did you tell them it had to be done today?" haha. Ya I didn't tell them that either. Well we ended up calling them and finding out the information needed.
  • I picked it up and was on my way to Wal Mart when I saw that Panache was open. :) I bought 2 CUTE shirts and I'm so excited to wear them.
  • I went to Powderpuff practice and they told me I was going to be the nose in Defense... Ya I didn't know what that meant so I accepted the position. Well I found out it's the person in the middle that has to push through to try to get to the quarterback!! AHH.. I hope I don't get a broken nose or anything. haha.

So I was on my way home and guess what!! I almost hit 2 deer. It was freaky. I was driving down the road when they ran in front of me. I learned not to swerve so I just slammed on the breaks and luckily they got afraid and ran off. :) ha.

And I was going up to this stop sign and a car turned into my lane and almost hit me. People need to learn how to drive. So this is to the person that almost caused a wreck today:

  • Please next time you are turning a corner make sure you don't turn into my lane and almost KILL me. And don't look at me like I'm stupid. haha. I would really appreciate it! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :) (Hey "W"onderful "W"ednesday!! That is alliteration!! haha. AWESOME!)


P.S. Yesterday was Austin's 20 month mark!! WOOHOO!! :) Only 4 more months to go. :) Then today was 7 years since my dad died, so we were gonna go visit his grave and make it all cute, but we never got to it. :( I'm gonna visit him soon though hopefully. And I'll make him Peanut Butter Cookies and stick them on his grave cause those are his FAVORITE! :)

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