Sunday, September 26, 2010

Utah, Utah, Utah..... That is the place. hahaha. :)

We took a trip to Utah to celebrate everyone in the family's birthday because we have a ton of birthdays in September. :)
Saturday Morning we went to IHOP for breakfast! :)
(Rusten & I with our Hot Chocolate!)
So Tyler decided he wanted to show us an experiment he learned in one of his classes. He dumped tons of salt in his water and was stirring it around, trying to freeze it. It didn't really work and he asked the waitress for another glass of water that he could drink. She got him one and he was eating and really needed a drink of water. He took a drink and it turned out to be the wrong glass. He was making the funniest faces and saying it was the wrong water and tons of funny things. ha. He is so stinkin funny. :)
(His glass of Salt Water)
Then we went to the zoo for Rusten's birthday. There was some sweet animals there.
Did you know there is a:

in Utah?? haha. My sister and brother-in-law's last name is Parrish. I thought it was funny so I had to take a picture!! :)

I won't see for a while. ha. I put my feet in the swimming pool, and it will probably be the last time I can do that outside for a while because it's almost winter. ha.

My sister died my hair while I was down in Utah. :)
What do you think??

Everyone have a great Sunday night!! :)


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