Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suprises. :)

Have you ever had cake in a jar?? :) Well whenever there are birthdays in my ward, my YW president gives us cake in a jar! :) It is SO good!

Next... Have you ever looked forward to something for a REALLY long time... and when the time comes, it's even better than you expected? Well I got to talk to my missionary boyfriend on Sunday! It was amazing!! :) I enjoyed every second of it! :)

(This is Elder Austin Kirk Egbert!)

Don't you just love little brothers?? I love coming home to them laying across your whole bed so you can't even get in!! ha. just kidding. It's actually kind of annoying. ha. He wouldn't move. But it was kind of funny too. ha.

Last... I got this beautiful necklace from Austin's sister, Ashley. She is so cute. She got it because she felt bad that she missed my Jr. Miss. ha. She is so nice. :)

Today in seminary we played Jenga. It was fun. ha.

Also... So today was SO weird. It started out pretty nice for Idaho.. then when I went to lunch, it was POURING rain. I was soaked. I love the rain, except when I'm in a hurry to get to class because then I don't get to play in it. ha.

Then in speech I had to give my speech today. It was a Media Analysis speech. I played my favorite song "Out of My League" by Stephen Speaks, and I talked about it. It was such a fun speech. I'm kind of sad that I'm almost done with speech. ha.

Well everyone Have a WONDERFUL day. :)


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