Monday, May 3, 2010

Ice Cream and Animals. :)

So I don't really like animals... but my dog Beasley is AWESOME!! He is so cute.

So you know how cats and dogs usually don't get along?

Well Beasley loves our cat. He gaurds her kittens like they are his own. If anyone comes near, he starts growling and makes sure they stay protected. The cat know Beasley is protecting them so she even comes out from under the bush for a little bit and does her thing cause she knows Beasley will take care of them. ha.

It was funny... My little brother today said, when we were talking about how Beasley guards the kittens, "It's like he's the father... Maybe he is!" haha. We all told him that's not possible, but it just cracked me up. Little kids are so cute and they have such a HUGE imagination. :)

Next... Rusten, my little brother, wanted to make Ice Cream in a can. So he got it ready and we helped him roll the can around.

It was so fun. ha. Except I got a MASSIVE bruise on my knee from the dang can hitting me so many times. haha. It was a fun family activity! :)

Can you believe this wind?? It is SO SO SO annoying. I feel like if I go outside right now, I will be blown away. ha. The freeway is closed and I don't even want to do my hair, because I know that once I touch the air outside... it won't be pretty hair anymore. haha. I'm sick of this Idaho weather. I want warm weather with NO wind. :) But I know thats not possible in Idaho. hahaha.

Tomorrow I have to give an interperative speech. I am pretty nervous/excited! It will be fun! :) It's a monologue on vampires. haha. :)

Have a wonderful day! :)


P.S. My Pretty Little Liars sequel I'm reading... well the second one, Flawless, finally got checked back into the library, so i can go enjoy it now! :)

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny! and just to let you know your hair is pretty even if its soaking wet from the rain! :)

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