Sunday, May 2, 2010


Okay... so none of these pictures really do justice as to how good this stuff is. :) ha.

I LOVE cinnamon rolls...

Especially homeade. My mom makes the BEST cinnamon rolls. She could run Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls out of Business. :) I just love how there is SO much cinnamon in them and the frosting is TO DIE FOR!!! and the crust/bread is SO moist and delish. Even when they have been frozen for a while. hahaha. :)

Next item of food to cover....


Ok... so I don't know if you can tell... but this strawberry is seriously the biggest strawberry EVER!! haha. I felt like I was a mouse when I was taking bites cause I would look and I couldn't even tell I took a bite. ha. In the picture above I have taken a bite out of the strawberry. It was a normal bite, and it looks like a baby bite... Am I right? haha.

Well this is the strawberry before a took a bite. Doesn't it look just SO mouth watering? haha. It was. I LOVE fruit.... and basically food! :)

Last night I has some Reed's Dairy Praline's and Cream Ice Cream!!! :) Talk about AMAZING!!! haha. That is my facorite kind of ice cream from there. You should definitely try it! :) Well I didn't take a picture because it was dark so you wouldn't have been able to see it. haha.

Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

P.S. 23 days until my birthday!! :D WOOHOO!!!!


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