Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow.... Sorry. haha.

K... Wow. Pretty sure this beats the longest post ever. haha. I haven't posted anything for the longest time. I have tons to say. lol. Sorry for the many pictures and words. Please endure with me. haha.

So have you ever known that there are different flavors of cotton candy??? haha. I didn't know so I got some vanilla cotton candy! :) It was yummy to my tummy haha.

My french teacher Mr. Swanson is a really funny teacher. ha. He decided to pose for us in his new shirt and with his mugs. ahha.

We had our cheer party and it was a blast!! :) Great way to start out the year. :) p.s. There are jv cheerleaders now! :) I'm so happy. now we have 26 girls on the team.

So my brother came home from work and brought this rabbit he found. ha. It was SO tiny. Well we put it in with our other rabbit and the next thing we knew, it was dead. What the heck ahhaha

The cute little kittens our cat had!! :)

This is Moe.

These kittens are Snowpuff, Harriot, and Spike! :)

Also... we got a new trampoline!! :) I was so ecstatic!!! :) haha.

(Me doing a toe touch!)

(Rusten and I so excited that we had to take a lot of pictures. haha.)

So for English we had to make College projects and this is mine!! It was really fun to do! :)

So a few days before my birthday I came home to this.


Inside it was this. and the card below.

So I opened the present and this was inside! :)

A beautiful necklace from Austin! :)

So the 21st my cheer team from last year took a trip to Utah and went to Lagoon for a end of the year party! :) It was so much fun!! I went on Wicked and it wasn't even that scary. My favorite ride was Samuri!! :)

While I was down there we were eating at this place called Mimi's and it was right by DSW, so instead of eating... I went shoe shopping!! :) It was amazing!!

I got these shoes. The picture doesn't do justice! haha.

The 23rd was my friend Dallin's Missionary farewell. He's in South Africa now, serving a mission! :) I am so proud of him haha.

I got this outfit for my birthday from my madre!! :)

Well... my brother graduated from seminary! :) I am so proud of him. Even though he was always skipping seminary he managed to stay enough to graduate! haha. :)

And my friend Miss Hailey Egbert also graduated!! :)

So my birthday was May 25th, and I had to take finals that day which sucked... but that night was so fun! :) My friends and I went to Winger's for dinner, Bowling, and then to Twizl Berry!! :)

I got this delicious Cocoa Bean cupcake from Hannah. :)

the gifts from everyone! :)

Me putting on my shoes after bowling. :)

My delicous Twizl Berry Creation! :)

at wingers. Morgan, Hannah, Mike, Ashlynn, Me, Taylor, and Hailey! :)

I had a wonderful birthday!! :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! :)

Andy graduated! :)

He presented the class gift! :)

Rigby High School Class of 2010.

The family and Andy (and his lady friend too!) :)

Andy's friends.

Andy and I. So proud of him!! :) I even shed a few tears at the graduation. ha.

2o1o graduate!!! YAY!! :)

Chris and I.
It's weird to think that the next class that graduates from rigby will be my class!! haha. :)

So Monday was memorial day. Well on Saturday we went to the cemetary and decorated graves.

(My dad's grave)

(My grandpa's grave)

Yesterday I decided I needed a change. I cut my bangs!! :) It was fun. ha. I like them a lot! :)

Today was my first cheer practice this summer for Cheer. It was intense. ha. I am super sore and realized how out of shape I am. ha. So to help get back in shape I decided to eat healthy, and I will be working out every day because cheer is basically every day. haha.

(The salad I made! :) Yummy Chicken and Oraanges and Craisins, etc.. haha. :)

And my little brother made me an intense smoothie!! It was delicious!! :)
Now that you are caught up on my life. hahaha. I will hopefully be posting things more often! :)
Have a wonderful day! :)
Tomorrow I start my babysitting job for the last time!! CRAZY!! haha.
P.S. If you made it through this post... CONGRATS!! haha. hopefully the next ones won't be this long. haha. :)


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

aww looks like your doing great.. MISS YA LOTS! Love the new bangs by the way...

Trevor and Jasmine Walker said...

Aubree, I love reading your blog! You are too funny haha! Good luck with your senior year. Enjoy every minute of it cuz it goes too fast. Who are you babysitting for? Sounds fun!

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