Sunday, May 9, 2010

Interesting and Exciting week!!!! :) Sorry it's a really long post! ha. But it's fun and it tells detail! :)

Wow.... So this week was CRAZY!!! :)
First off...... So I was in seminary and we were having a treasure hunt.
We had to go all around outside and get different clues and go back to Brother Browning for the next clue... Well the rules were we had to stay with our group and we couldn't do anything to keep the other teams from advancing. Well there is one person in the group that doesn't wear shoes, another that has to wear a blindfold, another that couldn't talk, another that had to have scriptures, and another that had to write down the answers. Well I had the scriptures and so I had to look up everything. Well we went to the football field to the goal post and then went to brother browning and our next clue was back at the football field at this light. well they got the question and I was looking up the question and found it, so we started running back to Brother Browning, and a group that was behind us was trying to stop us from winning, so they (being them smart selves) decided to chase around the kid in our group that was blindfolded (Austin Surerus). They chase him in circles and then he starts running straight... Well everyone stops. They start yelling "STOP!! STOP AUSTIN!! You're gonna run into the wall! STOP!!" Well it was already too late. He ran into the wall running full speed. It was a cement wall and I heard it and I was like half way through the football field.
We run up to him and a thought goes in my mind, "Hey I learned at cheer camp that if someone's nose is bleeding to kick their foot and it will stop the bleeding." I go up to him and tell him I'm going to stop the bleeding and I start kicking his foot. I wasn't kicking it way hard though. Well everyone tells me to stop so i did. His face was bleeding and his nose and his lips were swollen and we asked if his head hurt and he told us his knee hurt. We responded with asking him if he hit his knee and he said, "I hit EVERYTHING!!" hahahaha. It was really sad but it was just funny that he would run blidfolded... into a cement wall. ha. Well we get him on his feet and we look over and Travis, the kid that was chasing him was sitting on the ground just looking down, and Hayden (another kid that was chasing Austin) said, "Ya that's right Travis... You think about what you just did." Just joking around. ha. It was really funny.
Austin tells us everything is blurry so I put my arm around him to help and everyone told me to take him to the office. We are on our way in there and the bell rings so everyone starts coming out of their classes. They see Austin and ask me if he got in a fight and they like act like they're punching the air. Well I tell them no he ran into a wall and I use my hands to show what happened. haha. Well also I almost forgot... so on the wall he ran into... there was Austin's blood, hair, and skin stuck to the wall. It was REALLY gross. haha.
Anyway so he tells me he wants to go in the bathroom and clean up and i say, "NO! because then I can't see you and know if you're ok. the office will clean you up."
We walk into the office and everyone stops what they're doing and takes Austin to a chair. They start cleaning him up and they tell me I have to fill out a report. I start to fill it out and Hayden comes in. He told me that he would fill it out so I could go get my stuff so I did.
Well I went to speech and right before I gave my speech I looked down and saw BLOOD on my pants!! I wanted to puke. haha. I hate blood. especially when its on me and its not mine! haha.
The next day Austin comes into seminary and told us he has a cracked skull and he got whip lash. ha. I felt SO bad. I told him I was sorry I was laughing and he told me not to worry, that if it wouldn't have been him, he would be laughing too. ha.
Then everyone starts telling me that they thought he was having a seisure when I was kicking his foot cause they just saw him moving and they didn't see me kicking him. ha. It was really funny. haha.
And sorry I don't have any pictures to explain the story. hahaha. :)

Do you have a pair of these sunglasses?? And if you don't, have you ever wanted a pair of these sunglasses?? Well I was driving downt the road and saw my brother's sunglasses. I put them on and decided I WANT A PAIR! hahaha. :) This summer I am going to buy some! :)

Friday was cheer tryouts. thursday we learned everything and Friday we had to tryout.

This was the dance we learned. :) and at the beginning there is a back handspring. haha. That's why she's just standing there for a little bit! :) haha.

Friday came around and I was SO nervous! For tryouts we had to make up a cheer, do a chant they taught us, and do the dance. And we had to do jumps and this motion thing to see how well we caught on. We had our interviews a few days before tryouts and they were fun! :)

I show up and a girl thats helping calls us over and draws our numbers on our legs.

Mine still is on my leg and I have scrubbed at it. haha.

Well I tried out and I thought it went well and then my friend Hailey Egbert and her cousin Sara Hobley came over and we drove back into Rigby to go to this party and we stopped by the high school to see who made it and I had to wait for a little bit, but when they posted the girls that made it, I was looking towards the bottom for my name and didn't see it. My eyes wonder up to the top of the paper and there's me name "Aubree Furrows- Captain" WHAT!!!!! I was having crazy mixed emotions when I saw this. I was happy and nervous and suprised and basically every emotion you can feel at once. hahaha.
I am so excited though. It will be a fun year! :)

Next.... Commencement.

I went with Taylor Roe. We went to Papa Kelsey's for brunch and then went golfing. It was fun golfing for the first time, but I am NOT good. ha. Otis (one of the boys in our group) was talking on the phone and was like "Ya it's pretty entertaining watching Taylor's date golf." haha. I looked back at him and was like What!! haha. It was funny. But like I missed the ball so many times and the golf club almost flew out of my hands a few times and it was crazy. ha. Well while we were golfing my cheer coach called me and was talking to me about some of the stuff she wanted to do and it made me SO SO SO excited for cheer this year! :)

Taylor didn't know what time he was going to pick me up so I was just taking my sweet time and then he told me he would be at my house at 6 when it was like 530. ha. So I started hurrying and he had to wait at my house for like a half an hour. I felt bad. ha.

I tried to put on his flower and it didn't work so my wonderul mom is putting it on! :)

My little brother Rusten loves to be the center of attention, so he had to be in a picture with us. haha. :)
Me and Taylor... notice his shoes. lol.
Well we start driving to IF and we were talkin about me getting ready and I told him I got out of the shower at 3 and he stopped the car and was like, "WHAT!! It took you 3 1/2 hours to get ready!!" haha. It was funny. But it didn't because I wasn't getting ready that whole time. haha.
So we pull up by this semi and I'm wondering what we're doing and then we walk in it and the inside doesn't even look like a semi. It was decorated so nice, and we had dinner in the semi! It was SO fun! haha. I had a blast! :)
Taylor and I on the way to the dance. :) The dance was a BLAST!!! at Hillcrest dances people actually dance!! It was really fun! I enjoyed it.
Taylor's flower! :)
My flower! :) I love it. It is beautiful!! :)
After the dance we went to Taylor's house and watched I Am Legend. haha. In our group there was Tay and I, Logan and Miranda, Otis and Bree, Zack and Kylee, and Austin and Jackie. :) It was fun. When I get the dance pictures I will tell you the story of them!! :) haha.
Today is Mother's Day so HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there!! :) So here's to my mom. She is the best mom ever! She is always there for me and she is so cute. My mom is such a fun person to be around. I love you mom! I hope you have a WONDERFUL mother's day!!! :)
Have a fantastic day everyone!! :)

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