Wednesday, May 27, 2009


K.. so this is a continuation from the last post. ha. So this last weekend I went to Wyoming for Memorial Day. I went with my family, and we visited my grandma. She is such a cute lady. So anyways.. When we were driving there... which by the way it took us 7 HOURS because we stopped everywhere, so my mom decided we aren't going to Nauvoo anymore because it would take too long.. anyways.. so I was bored while riding in the car and I saw my sisters glasses so i put them on. They are purple and so cute! ha.

Then we went and picked up me sister JoDee from Utah.. and then we finally got to Wyoming.. and did i mention we stopped like every gas station and everything. haha.

So we saw my Grandma the next morning and we went to church and then came home and played Rock Band!!! SUPER FUN game.

Me and Sheena.

Me and Jo.

I got my hair done that night along with like basically my whole family because my lovely sister JoD is a Cosmetologist.

I Woke up on May 25th and I was a Year older!! It was my birthday! WOOHOO. :) It was weird though cause it was memorial day so we went to the cemetery and stuff. Then we had a family reunion.. and I opened my presents. SUPER FUN!

Me after my hair got highlighted.

My cousin Cheyna and Me.

My mom and her cousin Patty.

The Bag and nail polish Sheena got me for my birthday. :)

The cute wrapping paper my presents were wrapped in.
My Birthday Card from my mom.

The presents from my mom.
The Card from my grandma.
I'm the birthday girl! haha.
I went into the bathroom and saw this picture...
GOOD quote! ha.

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Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE that zebra bag!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a freaking awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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