Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day filled with suprises!!

So today started out with waking up to my mom telling me I have to leave in 5 minutes! It was hectic, and it was my brother's fault.. so I was mad at him. Then I get to school and I start reading a book called "Stand A Little Taller" and I open up to the page that talks about how you shouldn't hold grudges on anyone and how you should be nice to everyone.. and it made me realize that I was mad at Andy for a stupid reason.. So now when I am looking for advice I open up that book! It is VERY good!

Also yesterday it was Andy's birthday! We had a dinner for him and then we went and saw Wolverine!! It was a great show!! Very funny.
So today at cheer we were working on full downs in stunting.. and my flier was coming down and punched me in the nose, and it started bleeding really bad, and it bruised right away. But I am still alive so it's ok! And cheer was very exciting today so that made up for it.
In school we did our max outs in strength and conditioning and I squated the most anyone has squated this year... maybe longer! I was SO excited.
So just remember... even if your day starts out crappy, it can always end with many funny stories and great suprises. So always smile! :)

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Anonymous said...

HEY!! i can't belive you got punched in the nose! gald you are okay though!! Well good advice by the way! maybe i should invest in one of those books! :]

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