Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Days! :)

So in Strength and Con. we made music videos and my group and I dressed up BRIGHT! :]
It was SUPER fun!!
Then.. Yesterday, Me and Hailey had a afternoon full of fun!
Me and Hailey at Cafe Rio.
Hailey Eating the Quesedilla!
Me Eating the Quesedilla.

Our Quesedilla! YUMMY.

Alexis's Peanut Butter Cup from Sundae's! DELICIOSO! ha.
We had such a fun day! And that night we went to a bon fire but it was LAME! haha.
So today then I am pretty sad! Thing are not going good. I'm thinking I will have to pull out the Stand A Little Taller book and start reading it to cheer me up. I just hope that I am not right about what is happening! ha. :(

1 comment:

Alexandria said...

so fun! love the bright colors!
also, i am SOOOO jealous of cafe rio and that delicious looking sundae! you lucky ducks...

well...go pull out that book. i hope you cheer up soon!

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