Thursday, May 28, 2009

School's Out!!! :)

Yesterday was the last day of school and it was great!! ha. I got a tad bit burnt though because my 5th hour teacher didn't take roll so i just went outside for 2 hours and so now i have like i farmer's tanline deal. haha. I passed all my classes... so now i am a JUNIOR!!! WOOHOO :)

Also... since I turned 16, I went on a date last night.. and we went to the greenbelt and had a subway picnic... and then we rode on a bicycle built for two. hahaha. it was AWESOME!! I want a 2-seater bike now.. but they are DANG hard to steer... i was like ALL OVER the path! haha. Anyways, then we went to the kid's house and watched this show called Forever Strong... It is such a good show... everyone should watch it.. it is inspiring! I might just have to go buy it. ha.

Me being SO excited that school is OUT for the summer! :)

Also... when I was coming home from school I went to my little brother's award assembly thing... and he got two awards! He is such a cutie! ha.

He got an award for donating box tops! and his class donated over 1300!!

He made a poster for Smokey the Bear and won like something in the state for it! It is SUCH a cute poster. Along with all the other kids' posters! :)


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