Saturday, March 26, 2011

I feel like all I do is....

I feel like all I ever do is update everyone on things months at a time...

You'd think I'd learn to post more because every time...

It takes SO long to make these dang updates.

My goal is every other day...

Can I do it?

Well the updating begins...

This was Senior Night for cheer... I got this cute rose!

It was pink/orange!! :)

Austin got home... This was the night he suprised me. :)

For that story go to here.

This was the day after...

We went into IF and he got a phone, we ate with his family,

and we took pictures by the temple!

This was one of the days after... haha.

Repin' for my church! hahahaha. :)

Austin and I decided to do a project together...

after the project(fasting) was over,

my mom treated us to chicken alfredo!!!

With YUMMY salad and Pomegranite 7UP! :)

(I'm not sure if I spelled that right...)

Austin watched me cheer at a Madison game...

Which we DOMINATED!!! :)

This headband I made...

I was inspired by a headband on Anthropologie...

and by Hannah Egbert!! :D

It was fun to make.

It is a braided crocheted headband.

I had to sell these shirts at a game...


I sold like 8 of them and everyone else sold like 4.

I just love having him home!!! :D

It's the best!!

No more waiting..

although it was fun to have a missionary...

I'm glad it's over!! :)

My sister JoDee has this cute little dog and

she dresses him up with this kind of stuff....

If I ever get a little dog... I will be dressing it up! :)

February 3rd was my sister Sheena's birthday! :)

It was fun to celebrate!

I made her this card... haha.

I decided I wanted to donate blood one day!...

They pricked my finger and it hurt SO bad.. haha

I wasn't expecting it I think is why it hurt...

I don't even know if you can tell that there's even a cut there...

but it started bruising!!! WHAT??

Yes that's right..

A big bruise formed just from a little pricking.. haha.

Well you're probably expecting a story about giving blood..

but I will share the news with you...


I guess my viens are too small.... which I thought I had HUGE viens,

but I guess not.

My mom and I worked on my bathroom..

I had to wash it down and help her tape for the stripes...

and the she painted and did a GREAT job!! :D

Have I told you about my new love??

It's called ORANGE LEAF!!!!

It's seriously SO SO SO good!! :)

If you have not tried it... TRY IT!!!

You won't regret it!

Trust me!

My brother Andy opened his mission call....

It was SO exciting, and guess where he's off to!

Vitoria, Brazil..

He leaves July 20th.

I will miss him so much, but I am SO excited for him.

He's gonna love it.

He wanted to go foriegn SO bad...

and he got it!!! :D

When he opened it.... See how excited he is?? :) And all the phones laying down are cause we had some people on speaker phone so they could hear where he was going! :)


Austin and I had a great Valentine's Day! I made him the candybar bouquet...

and he made me this cookie... with his mom's help! :)

My step-brother and he made dinner for Jaden's girlfriend and I.

It was so cute!

The gravy was a little thick,

but I thought it was so cute that they wanted to put the effort into doing that for us!!

I loved the thick gravy.... hahahaha.

Boise.... CHECK!!! :D

One of my 2011 goals was to go to boise and I did.... in fact, 3 times! :)

I got these cute red TOMS.... and I saw these cute Miss Me shorts and I want them REAL bad!!!

Adventures of Austin and I. :)

The Proposal!

These are just some more pictures from that night...

A before and after! :)

For this story go to the post under this one!!

Another trip to Boise!! :)

I got bored in when the speaker was telling us about the color code so I weaved this starburst wrapper... :)

And yet another trip to boise... :)

Austin and I...

Austin and I took a trip to the temple for Baptisms for the Dead....

We decided to snap some photos!! :)

A few weeks ago a ton of us went to Winger's.... It was DELICIOUS!!!

My mom and I.


Yes!!! I enjoy making patterns actually...

I've made like 2...

but this one is to make skirts for the sisters to wear at my reception..

the above pictures are the process of the way I make patterns. :)

I don't have a picture of the skirt yet, but the one were making to practice on is BLUE!!! :)

I'll put a picture up soon. :)

It is inspired by a cute skirt on Etsy. :)


While I was in Boise I discovered MAC make-up...

You'd think everyone has tried it already,

but not me! haha.

Well I ended up getting a ton because the first time I went I got some

Paint Pot, and some eyeshadows...

Well I fell in love because it works like a charm!!

For Example:

I went swimming and when I got out,

my make-up still looked the exact same as before...

Now you might be thinking that I didn't even get my head under the water...

but that's the thing!!!

I DID!!!

I was drenched... I was pretty much under the water the WHOLE time!! :)

That's how amazing MAC works... :)

I'm not sure if you can see this picture... but I was in my bed and when I woke up there were these three birds outside on our white roof thing....

It was so fun to watch them.

They would follow each other everywhere and they would copy each other. :)

Birds are so cute! :)

..... WELL except when you run into them.

I was on my way to Austin's and I saw a HUGE flock of birds coming.

I tried dodging them, but NO!!!!

A bird hit my windshield and the poop and feathers were left on there... :(

I almost cried.. haha.


This is a Pina Colada Sucker!! It was SO SO SO good!

I would tell you to get one, but I got mine at my school...

so I couldn't tell you where to go. haha.

JAZZ Anyone???

WOOHOO.... Austin and I went to the Jazz game.

It was SO fun!!!

But it was an adventure going down.

We had to take my sister JoDee's washer and dryer, bed, and coffee table down..

Well it was windy and raining and we had a tarp,

but the tarp wouldn't stay.. haha.

By the end of the night,

we couldn't stop laughing!!! :)

I made this flower!!! :)

It was fun! :) I sewed it so the fabric was pleated and then I hot glued it! :) I'm excited to wear it!!


My book that I sang out of last week was brand new!! I just wanted to keep holing it all hour because it smelt new, the pages were SO white, and the book didn't have any cuts or rips in it!! :)

I love when that happens!! :)

Well you've heard about my adventures over this last month,

but I actually need to update you on this past week...

It's some pretty sweet stuff!! :)

Have a GREAT day.


P.S. I only have 30 school days left!!! WOOHOO!!!

P.S.S. There are only 94 more days until I marry my best friend for ETERNITY!! :D

I am SO extremely excited!!

And that's another thing I've been busy with..

PLANNING!! It's SO fun planning a wedding!!

AND I got my wedding dress!!!!

It is so pretty and spunky!! :D

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