Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last week I had the opportunity to ride in my best friend's semi with him!!

It was so much fun...

It was also really funny to watch him shift sometimes. :)

He made my day.. I just kept laughing.

And then the windshield wipers were cracking me up for some reason!! :)

SNOW!!!??? What!! I Thought it was spring??

Oh... didn't I tell you I live in Idaho?

This stuff is pretty normal for Idaho.. haha.

I did not like this ONE BIT!!!

Snow, snow, go away...

come again next winter.


Medallion... CHECK!!!

I checked off yet another goal for 2011. :)

I finished the Book of Mormon

and I memorized The Living Christ...


Isn't it awesome!! :D I love it!

Monday for FHE Austin's parents, Hannah, Austin, my mom, Rusten, and I

went to the Reflections of Christ Exhibit!

On the way there...

It was SO amazing!! The spirit was so strong there. I loved it.

All the pictures were so fun to look at with the scriptures that go with them.

Jesus is amazing. I am so thankful for him! :)

After the exhibit we all ate at Texas Rhodehouse.

That place is DELICIOUS!! :D

I love FHE's like that...

Can we do that more often??? :)

All of us at Texas Rhodehouse. :)

I am an aide for a special needs seminary class and it is so fun! :)

All the kids are so cute and spiritual.

One of the boys comes into class every day and says,

"YO Aubree, YO YO Peace!"

So I say peace back and we throw the peace sign up!!

Ya... we're pretty gangster. :)

hahaha. His name is Corbin and he is so funny! :)

When we take them back to their normal class he always says the same thing,

so I say, "Peace Out!"

Then he copies! :) It's so fun!!

And they all say the cutest little prayers and I just love helping in that class.

My partner, Dalon, always teases me....

I sometimes fall for it and he thinks it's so hilarious when I do.

haha. :)

I'm posting today also to say that I won't be posting all weekend

because I am going to Utah. :)

Friday night we are going to Austin's mission reunion...

Saturday we are celebrating Hailey's birthday..

Well actually friday, but her birthday is Saturday!!


And Sunday we are going to General Conference!!

I'm so excited!

It'll be my first one I get to go to!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :D


P.S. Apply for college and get accepted... CHECK!! :D

I applied for BYU-Idaho and I GOT ACCEPTED!!!

I am so excited!! And I got on the track I wanted!!

Fall/Winter... WOOHOO!! :D

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