Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big News..... Exciting!!!! :)

Wow... I am by far the worst blogger. ha. It's been so long!! But This post is worth reading!! So Yes... Austin got home a month and two days ago.... I've seen him every day except this last weekend I was in Boise and so I didn't see him then. ha.
We've done so many fun things! I've listened to him speak in different wards, he's watched me cheer, We've taken trips and gone on fun dates! We've also made dinners. :)
We went to Utah two weekends ago and visited his sisters and we also went and looked at rings. Then we went and ate at Maddox!! :D

We've both participated in sacrament together three times! ha. He was always speaking and I played my harp twice and lead the music the other time. :)

So yesterday some exciting stuff went down. :) Sunday night Austin told me he wanted me to go to work with him... well I didn't set my alarm and didn't wake up until 10... so I wasn't able to go to work with him, but I drove out to his house and we went to Rexburg. :) He told me his sister, Alex, and his brother-in-law, Blake, wanted us to come over and visit them. So we went there and we were talking for a while and then Alex asked me if I wanted to go to this Boutique called Lulu Bella.. I said sure. :) So she was like, "Austin is it ok if we leave you and Blake here?" Austin said, "I guess." Then he leans to me and says, "Aubree are you leaving me?" So it reminded me of Nacho Libre, so I responded with, "No Chauncho! I would never leave you, I just need to borrow some sweats!!!" hahhahha. We both laughed! :)
Alex and I left and we pulled out the back.. well as we were driving around the front, I saw Austin and Blake getting in Austin's truck and I was like, "Hmm.. I wonder where they're going." Alex said, "Oh Blake wanted to look at systems for my car so they probably went to do that, or maybe he took my computer in cause I know he wanted to do that today." So I didn't think anything of it because why would I? haha.
Well we looked at Lulu Bella and I love that store!!!! :D Then I took pictures of Alex and then we went back to the apt.... Then I remembered Sheena wanted Austin and I to visit her and Tyler, so I told Austin and he was like, "Oh. Well do you want to go right now?" I said sure, and Austin was like, "K well we're gonna go. We didn't know you guys were so busy. We'll have to come another time when you're not busy." And then we left.
When we got to Sheena's, she was walking out of her apt. and she said, "Oh guys I forgot my scriptures at church yesterday. Do you want to come with me?" We said sure. Well her church is the one right by the Rexburg Temple. So we were in her car waiting for her and Austin looks up at the temple and says, "Aubree do you want to go walk around the temple grounds? It's been forever since I've been there and I want to go, especially with you." Well if you've ever seen Idaho weather, you'd know that it is not warm on February 21st! ha. So I responded with, "Umm... no. It's freezing out there."
Austin: "Aubree if you do, I'll get you dinner tonight."
Well I could tell he really wanted to go so after some convincing I decided we could.
We got out and started walking there and there were like 3-foot drifts on the sidewalk. We decided we would just have Sheena drive us up there, so when Sheena came out, she didn't have her scriptures. She couldn't find them. Well she dropped us off at the temple and we started walking and thee gates were closed since it was Monday, so we couldn't go in, we could only walk around. ha. We started walking around cause he wanted to see if the other gates were opened which they weren't... haha. I just kept complaining to Austin how cold I was because I thought we were staying in Sheena's car so I didn't grab my coat out of the truck. ha. Not a good idea! Finally Austin gave me his coat, but I felt bad. Well he started walking really fast and I was like, "Why are we walking so fast??" and he said, "I don't know. ha." Well we kept walking fast and then we got to the top and I saw Alex and Blake's truck. I was wondering why it was there, but then I decided that it wasn't theirs. Then Austin had me look at the PRETTY sunset behind the temple. Well Sheena was sitting in the back of the parking lot and I was wondering what she was doing and why she wasn't coming to the front to pick us up. Well then Austin was walking SO SO SO slow!! haha. And I just kept complaining on how cold it was. Finally I was like, "Austin.. I have the biggest brain freeze! It's so cold!" haha. Well he hugged me and then he said to me, "Aubree, do you want to know why I really brought you to the temple?"
I said sure. He reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a ring box. He got down on one knee and said, "Aubree Jo Furrows... Will you marry me?" I don't remember exactly what he said, but pretty much that. ha. I just smiled big and hugged him, then I realized I hadn't answered him so I said, "Yes, Yes I will!" haha. :) Then we were hugging and I didn't even care that it was cold anymore. haha. and Austin was like, "So Alex and Blake are hiding taking pictures of us right now." and I said, "Oh that's why their truck is here!" haha. Then Sheena drove up and picked us up. We went back to her apt... after almost dying from her driving.. hahha. But we made it. We opened the door and there was dinner on the table and a slideshow going of pictures of Austin and I since he's been home, and Taylor Swift was playing in the background, because we love Taylor Swift and Mine and Austin's song is Love Story by Taylor Swift! :) We got some pictures and then we were left alone to eat and Austin said, "Ya while you were at Lulu Bella, I really didn't look at systems. I went to Applebee's and got dinner and then came over here and got stuff ready!" and I said, "Oh. haha. So did Sheena really leave her scriptures?" and he said no. haha. Everything started clicking! :) Everyone was in on it and I didn't even know. haha. And Austin told me that he was so nervous when he gave me his coat because he was afraid I was going to put my hand in the pockets and feel the ring. haha.
I am SO excited though!!! :D I love Austin!!!! :)
(While we were eating dinner)
(My ring!!!)
Well I hope you enjoyed that proposal story!
I'll keep eveyone updated! :)
Put July 2nd on your calendar!! haha.
Have a great night!!!


ashley mikell said...

CONGRATS!! I am beyond excited for you two. This is such a sweet story! And I love your ring!

the hawker's said...

This is adorable! Love it all! And we loved being photo spies! You are so cute! We can't wait for you to be our sister!!!

Rhett, Taryn, & Tacey said...

Wow aubree! Congrats! You guys are such a cute couple(: I am super happy for you! I still picture u as my cute little sophomore cheerleader, haha. you are going to make such a cute, fun wife!

The Jones' said...

So happy for you Aubs! :) You're going to be a beautiful bride! Here is my blog: jonesytime.blogspot.com!

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