Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can I be on your blog?

So I was babysitting and Lou Lou was asleep, Sydnee was at a birthday party, and Brady was at work, so it was just me and Dawson. We couldn't decide what we wanted to do so we decided to draw for a while and we got sick of it after like an hour, so we decided to play a board game.

We went down to the game closet and found the game "The Game of Perfection." Neither of us has played it so we decided to try it out. It was SO much fun! It was scary when the time was up and all the pieces would pop up. I jumped every time. ha. But then I started getting good at it and I was able to get it done before the time was up. One time I got done and I stopped the time and then Dawson went to reset it so he started it again and right when he turned it on, it popped. So if I would've waited .000000....1 seconds, I wouldn't have won. haha. :)

Then I got home and my little brother I decided is the best smoothie maker EVER! ha. Well he made this one and it has Pina Coloda and a lot of other things in it and it was SO good. When Rusten gave it to me he was like, "Aubree, put that on your blog please!" So here you go Rusten, you and your smoothie skills are on my blog. haha. :)
Wednesday at babysitting...
So we found a marker...
It looks like a permanent marker doesn't it?
Well it's not. It's a dry-erase marker! :) We were drawing on my phone with it and it was so fun! :)

Sydnee was having so much fun, and then I decided to write on the back. haha.
After Maycee got done with her nap her and all the other kids grabbed marshmallows. They came up to me and I was in awe about how big the marshmallows were. ha. I have never seen such a big marshmallow in my life. It's like 4 put together. ha. Well We were having so much fun eating them and we went on the swings and Lou Lou dropped hers in the sand.

Don't you want a sand covered marshmallow? ha. Just kidding. It looks pretty gross huh? :)
I got home and guess what was there!...... YEP You guessed it. another one of Rusten's smoothies. ha. This one had peanut butter in it and fruits and it didn't look good but it was GERAT! :)

The Stampede Days Parade was on Saturday so i had to do some things to get ready for it. On thursday after cheer practice I spent 2 1/2 ish hours copying and cutting out fliers for the parade. It was crazy! there was 2000!!
Then Friday I got woken up to my phone ringing at 5:30 IN THE AM!! They told me the garage sale was cancelled and to let everyone know. ha. I wasn't planning on waking up early at all that day. ha. Well I had to make stars for the float for the parade so me and a few girls got together and made the stars and it took 4 HOURS!!!! ha. I don't think I've ever put this much time in to cheer. ha.

Well Saturday rolled around and everyone was texting me after 6 and they were supposed to be to the school at 6 am, so I was REALLY confused with the times. haha.
I decorated the truck for the parade and A&B productions is one of our cheer sponsors so they were in charge of our music for the parade and the boy that was doing the music, so the DJ I guess, haha. He was one of the cheerleaders brother's and he is so cute! ha. It was way fun!! :)
I saw a camel! It was in the parade!! :) They aren't soft they feel weird. ha. and they stand like their legs are gonna break off. It's funny!! haha. :)

Everyone have a wonderful day!! :)


Hannah said...

You are so funny and now i want to go pet a camel...haha! :)

Shan said...

YOU HAVE A BLOG?! :) this is Shanda, by the way! I thought I was the only person who still blogged! haha... awesome :) we should be friends. definitely. anywhoo... I saw that camel at the parade too! weirded me out. whats a camel doing in IDAHO?! haha. You're so cute! love you!

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