Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching Up? YES!

Ok so sorry about not posting anything for a MONTH!!! ha. I was thinking once summer started I would have ALL the time in the world to blog... but no! I have been even more busy it seems like. ha.

Cheer Captain anyone?? hahaha. Well I'm cheer captain and it's basically like I'm on call 24/7. ha. I love being captain, but that is what keeps me busy haha. But it's better to be busy than having nothing to do. haha. I am always taking calls and texts, complaints and compliments, and it's kind of nice because now I know whats going on with everone on the team. hahaha. It's like I have 25 daughters, and maybe more, but that's a later issue to discuss. hahaha. :)

Sydnee, Lou Lou, Dawson, Brady. Where are you? hahha. So I have a babysitting job. It's great. The kids I babysit are so stinkin cute. ha. Lou Lou told me she loved me and Sydnee told Lou Lou she can only say that to her parents and siblings. haha. It was pretty funny.

Fundraisers... Ok so for cheer we have had some fundraisers and we are having more. :) Well we had a 4th of July booth and I had to get watermelons. ha. It was quite fun. Then I made some sweet Hamburger cookies. Well I got this awesome thing called a sarong. It is the coolest thing EVER!! :)

Many more things have been going on. I will post pictures SOON... and I will tell more about what has been going on. ha. :)

Tomorrow is the 18 month mark!!! My missionary gets to burn his slacks!! WOOHOO!!!! 6 more months until I get to see him face to face. Who's excited?!?!? OH ME ME ME!!! haha. :)

Well everyone have a fantastic week? Day? hahha. How about until next time I blog. lol. :) Which I'm hoping is in the next few days.. but who knows. haha.

Basically I'm just loving being busy and having a great summer. haha. :)

*Aubree Jo*

P.S. We got our cheer uniforms!!!!! YES!!!!! They are SO SO SO stinkin cute. I will get pictures up soon. :)


Shan said...

hey i totally understand the whole CRAZY summer thing!
and congrats on cheer captain! it sounds like alot of fun! thats alot of daughters though... hahaha... can i be their aunt? :P

i love reading your blog. it pretty much cracks me up all the time!
18 months? thats CRAZY?! burning slacks is always good... i bet you can't wait till its that whole suit he's burnin! ;) I know i couldn't, when it was mine! (and my brother, too. and pretty much every other missionary i've ever known.)

I LOVE YOU! you need to text me sometime... i hear there is some catching up that needs to happen. i left for 4 days and EVERYTHING changed! so yeah. catch me up, darlin!

Mindee & Austin said...

Youre one busy lady Aub!!! Im super excited for you that your missionary has been out for 1 1/2 already! I added you to my friends list on my blog, you can add mine if you wanna! haha, love ya aub! glad youre doing great : )

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