Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonderful Week! :)

Last Sunday was my niece, Claire's baby blessing. She is such a cute baby and she looked so cute in her little dress. It was fun seeing Nicole and all of them.

My friends LOVE to get a hold of my camera and they were trying to take pictures of me so I finally pulled a funny face for them. ha.

So I LOVE kid's meals and when you get a Dairy Queen Kid's Meal it comes with a free treat. You can choose from a Dilly Bar, DQ Sandwich, or a Kid's Cone. I chose the cone and it was so cute I had to take a picture of it. ha. It was like the PERFECT amount of ice cream! :)
In seminary we got these cute handouts:

It says, "Attitudes are contagious.. is yours worth catching? Laugh every day!" I just thought it was such a cute little quote, and when you are having a bad attitude, you can think of this quote and your attitude will be brightened! :)

This weekend my family and I did yard work. It was hard but our yard looks great now! :) My little brother got mad at my older brother and punched him. It was kind of funny. haha. Boys are so different than girls. Five seconds after Rusten punched Andy, they acted like nothing happened, but I know that if someone would've punched me, I wouldn't have forgotten it. haha.

Saturday was Best of EFY and Morgan and I went to it. Jon Schmidt performed and it was phenominal!!! :) He performed his Love Story meets Viva La Vida and it was SO good. I got to see it in person instead of only watching it on Youtube. haha. :)

He invited this kid to come and play with him and they did pretty good! :) He is an AMAZING piano player!!

Today in church there were so many cute things I got. ha. When we got to church I got a program and I thought this picture on the front was SO cute!

Then I opened the program and found this paper with my name on it. haha. I think it's funny that they are encouraging people to go by telling them people in our ward are performing. haha.

I'm excited to perform though. It's going to be fun!

Then in class the Young Women's President gave the Laurels this hanger and told us to hang it in our closet. It is SO cute. Well I decided that if I hung it in my closet I would never really look at it, so I decided to hang it on my hangers in front of my clothes, because then I could see it EVERY day, and it would remind me to do the right things! :)

I got this cute box to organize papers in. :) I'm so excited to use it. All these papers on the side of it are going to be put in it. :) I will be so happy when it is getting used cause I will feel so much more organized! :)
Today was such a nice day, so my family and I had dinner outside! :) It was perfect weather. I am looking forward to more of these! ha. Well after we got done my little brother ran into the middle of the yard and the leaves went up around him and were blowing in a circle like a mini mini tornado and it came to the table and then left. It was pretty funny! :)

So my mom was looking through her journal and she comes up to me and hands me this:

I started laughing when I read it. ha. It is so cute! :) I made it when I was in 2nd grade! :)
Have a wonderful day everyone! :)

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ashley mikell said...

your little note is darling. and i wish i could come hear you play the harp!

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