Sunday, April 25, 2010


So friday I went on a date with this very nice kid, Kevyn, and we went to Pizza Hut and went to the movies. ha. It was SO fun. I never knew Mustangs windows rolled down a little bit when you opened the door. haha. I had fun with that. ha.

Well last night I went on another date. Taylor picked me up and we went to Winger's. It was really good. We were trying to shoot the popcorn in each others mouth. ha. It was fun and I never made it. haha. Well then we got a to-go box and when we put the food in there we shut the box and it said "TGI Fridays." haha. It was confusing. Then we rode a tandem bike around the greenbelt which was SO fun. I got to drive it and it is SO hard to keep those things balanced. ha. It fell over a few times. ha. Then we went to the Pier. It was pretty. Well he kept talking on his phone and I was getting very mad. And he kept telling me, "You'll see later." So we decided to rent a movie and we were on our way to a red box and we pull up to a stop light and I was looking at the other side of the road and Taylor was all, "Hey look!" and points out the window. So I look and there is this girl holding a sign that says, "Aubree, will you go to the dance with Taylor?" haha. It was funny. Once I saw that I asked him when it was and he said May 8th. I was like, "Oh so that is what was going on May 8th. haha." And then all the dots were starting to be connected. ha.

We rented The Invention of Lies. I think that's what it's called. ha. And it was a pretty funny movie. The beginning was stupid and I wasn't watching it, but then it got good. haha.

Today was ward conference and it was SO good. I loved it. Our lesson was on Keeping a Journal and I was thinking about how bad I have been on keeping a journal so I made it a goal to write in my journal every day. ha. Hopefully I do it. :)

Everyone have a fantastic Sunday!! :)


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