Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jr Miss and other activities. :)

So March 20th was Cheer State. It was SO fun! We went to Tucano's for a team dinner. :) But while we were eating all of a sudden my flier got out of her seat and was leaning over. Everyone realized she was choking and the cheer captain started patting er on the back. If you know anything about choking you would know that you aren't supposed to pat people on the back. Well puke came up and she started kind of choking on that too. Sorry if that grossed you out. haha. Well then the girl on the very right in the following picture, her dad got up and ran over to Miranda and started doing the hiemlic maneuver on her and it worked! :) I have to say though... That was one of the scariest things. ha
Then we went to our hotel and me and my friends took the stairs and everyone else took the elevator. Well we get to our floor and hear screaming. We are wondering where it's coming from and as we get closer, we realize it's coming from the elevator. The elevator was stuck, and girls from my team were on it. It was funny, but also scary so they finally got it open and the elevator didn't work after that. haha.
We went to competition and we got 5th place out of 11 in our sideline cheer, and we got 3rd place in our show routine. Even though we didn't win, it was still SO much fun! :)
Now I am done going to Boise every other weekend, and I kind of miss it. ha.
On to a different note. So I had Jr. Miss. It was SO fun. I am so glad I decided to do it. The week of, we had practice every day. It was long but fun. The last day of dress rehersal, my group decided to be funny so we went to do our fitness routine and we pulled our shorts up very high and we acted like nothing was wrong. When we walked out on the stage we got the helpers to laugh. It was great. Well we did our fitness routine and my whole group did it PERFECT! :) Everyone in my group came up to me after and was like "Let's wear our shorts high the night of because we will do great if we do." ha. We didn't wear our shorts high but we had tons of fun. :)
(This was my thriller outift)
The day of Jr Miss came and I went to my interview and had a lot of fun. :) Then that night was an AWESOME night! I am so sad it's over. It came time for awards and I got the Fitness Award and the Be Your Best Self Award. :)
Well last week was SRPING BREAK!! :) It was so much fun. I went mudding for the first time and me and Hailey went and saw Bounty Hunter. :)
Then me and Hannah went and saw The Last Song, and we were bawling through the whole movie. haha.
Me and my family had a family night and we went and ate at Winger's and saw The Blindside, which is now my new favorite movie! :) It is so good and cute. I love it!
Easter came and the following picture is what I got. :)
Monday I played with Hannah and we were in Down East and decided to try on the weirdest sunglasses we could find. :)
The next morning I woke up to a text that said SCHOOL WAS CANCELLED!!! haha. I was so excited that it was cancelled, but I was mad for the reason. ha.
We got out because we had a SNOW DAY IN APRIL!!! K... April Fools Day is over, it doesn't need to snow. haha.
Well yesterday was my sister's graduation from the Nursing Program! :) I am so proud of her.
The graduates that got accepted to be part of this thing. :)
Celebrating! :)
My mom telling Sheena how proud of her she was.
Me and Sheena. :)
Well today I am going to visit my friend Hannah, she just got surgery on her mouth. I feel so bad for her. I hope you get well soon Hannah! :)
Everyone have a WONDERFUL weekend! :) And always wear a smile because you'll nevver know who's day might be brightened because of your smile. :)

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Ashley said...

I am so proud of you Aubree! I heard you were awesome in Jr. Miss. I love seeing what you are up to! Thanks for visiting Hannah for me!

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