Thursday, February 25, 2010


So last week was Girls B Ball state. It was so much fun. I can't write about all of it cause it would take a while so here are some pictures. :)

Also.. this week we had to cheer at a game. It was kinda embarrassing cause we lost by a lot, but if you go to local 8 news on the computer then you can see a funny video. ha. this girl on my team was sick so she was laying down and the news put the camera on her and was like "the game even put the rigby cheerleaders to sleep." and it like zoomed in on her. ha. embarrassing but funny. haha.
This week was finals week and so I am done with this tri. I am SO happy. ha. and this weekend is cheer competition. It's gonna be bomb! :)
Have a fantastic week!
P.S. So I went to this yummy frozen yogurt place called twizl berry. Definitely try it out if you have one close by. They are AMAZING!! :) and So is TCBY!!! :)

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