Sunday, February 14, 2010

I am in deep need of some sleep! :)

So first off... I would put a video of my performance on Wednesday with my cheer team... but the blogs can only accept 100 MB and it is more than that so sorry. haha. But I have had a blast this week! :)
It all started Monday when we learned our Opening to Jr Miss.. THRILLER!!! haha. :) I am SO excited for Jr. Miss.

Then well actually I forgot about Sunday! ha. SUPER BOWL! WOOHOO.. It was so fun! The Egberts are so nice to let me go over there. We had tons of food... and I think I might have some new favorite foods now! :) ha.

Well funny story: My little brother was in the kitchen making cookies and I walk in there and he's singing these words "Mmm.. whatcha say.. Boom chicka molly man way." haha. Well I ask him what he is doing and he tells me to not tell mom that he is making cookies. Then I tell him the real words to that song and he tells me, "Oh.. well I still like my way better." haha. He cracks me up.

Another funny story about Rusten: My mom is all talking to Rusten about how she doesn't like his music cause it is all like, "Imma be, Imma be, Imma Imma Imma Be." ha. Well Rusten goes, "Imma Be A Child of God. What." hahaha. It was the cutest thing! :)

So I was sitting in French and we were learning the days of the week and tuesday is Mardi. Well my teacher asks us how to spell it and this girl says you spell it with an E. haha. So me, being my bright self, say, "No cause then that would be *****." AHHH.... everyone started laughing at me! What did I do wrong. Well my teacher is laughing histerically. No one will tell me what I said, so I grab a French Dictionary and look it up and I swore in French. ha. I felt so bad. ha. You gotta love French. ha.

Thursday I visited my poor friend Hailey. She just got surgery on her knee. Well on my way home from her house I almost hit a raccoon. haha. It was crazy. ha.

Friday was our cheer lock in.

We put bubble bath and dish soap in the showers and got in our swimming suits and played in it, well our cheer coaches thought it would be funny to hang up everyone's bras and underwear so that is what this piture is about. haha. but luckily I didn't have my clothes in the locker room. haha.

We had SO much food and it was AMAZING, but I felt so sick afterwards.

Well I found out that I sleep talk. ha. When I woke up my cheer coaches told me I was sleep talking. hahaha. Oh and I only got like a few hours of sleep so I am super tired. I need sleep. ha. Good thing it's Sunday, right? haha.

Yesterday Hannah and I went to Valentine's Day and it wasn't that good of a show. Definitely not gonna go see it again. ha. Then we went to a reception and it was zebra stripe. It was cute.

Shakira, a girl on my cheer team, got us all flowers for Valentine's Day. :)

Then the next few pictures are the flowers I got from Austin! :) He wrote me a really cute letter too! :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Valentine's Day! :)

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