Saturday, February 6, 2010


So Wednesday was the Madison vs. Rigby game. And if you know, we are rivals. Well our boys won!!!! It was such an intense game! I loved it. I am so proud of them.

Well now that they know how excited Rigby gets when they win, They won again to Blackfoot on friday. It was a great game. I don't really like the cheerleaders and their mascot, but it was a great game. Blackfoot has a HUGE high school. It has like 6 floors.

While we were waiting for the varsity game to start we went exploring in the school and it was SO fun! haha. Good times.

Today I woke up at 7. Got ready and had to go take the ACT. It was crazy. There was like tons of Rigby people there, a few west jeff students, and A LOT of people that had already graduated from high school. lol. It was good though.

I am ready for a nap! :)

Have a wonderful day everyone.


p.s. I hope everyone has a fantastic super bowl sunday. WOOHOO. I'm pretty excited to see who wins. :)

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