Sunday, March 14, 2010

boys b-ball state, cometition, tea staining... what else more could you do? :)

So in Jr Miss we had our pictures taken and these were the two I chose, and I get a 8x10 and a 5x7 of them!! :)

Well it was cheer competition on the 27th. It was SO fun! we got first in our division and we are going to state this weekend for it! :)

Our boys basketball team made it to state and we were able to go with them! :)

When we got home from Boise, me and my friend Kallie went and saw Alice in Wonderland! ha. It was a pretty crazy movie. I'm pretty sure the author was on something when he wrote it. haha. When we got out of the movie we saw this fire hydrant:

We decided to take a picture by it and act like we were dogs. lol. Well Kallie lost her balance and stepped on the hydrant and it was like made out of plastic but we thought it was made out of metal, and it broke it kinda. haha. So I was laughing my head off I was crying. haha. That is why I am laughing in this picture! haha.

Well for Jr. Miss our opening is to Thriller and we have to make our own outfits. So... I got some tea packets.

I bought a dress from the DI..

I tried to tea stain it in the bath tub and it didn't work too great,

So I got a different kind of tea and it smelt like licorice, and I stuffed it in a bucket! :) haha.

It worked!! ha. I am so excited. Now I just have to rip it up and make it look like a just came out of a grave! haha.

Everyone haave a wonderful Sunday. :)


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