Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow... It's been a long while! ha.

K... Holy Loly! I haven't updated my blog in almost a month! ha. I have been pretty busy though. :) Well I put tons of pictures on of what I have been busy doing.
So all year long I was working on scrapbooking this calendar for Austin that I gave to him for Christmas! :)

Well I have also been busy with cheer this month. It is very fun and we are getting ready for competition lately! I am SO exited for competition! :)
(Mine and Dani's faces are so white! hahaha.)
(Woohoo!! Stunting... my favorite part of cheer!)
So a while ago my mom, my grandma, and I took a trip to great harvest! :)
I got this yummy bread that tasted like blueberry moist muffins!
It was delicious! I love that place! and for Christmas we got a basket of stuff from Great Harvest! YUMMY!! :)
So I think this quote is SO funny. ha. I got it for my step-dad for Christmas and everytime I think about it... I laugh.
So since it was Christmas season... We had decorations ALL over the house. This is my favorite decor.
Christmas Eve my family came over and we did a Nativity Scene. I was Mary. haha. And my cousins were saying some funny things.. ha. You gotta love little kids. ha.

Christmas Day FINALLY rolled around. ha. It was so much fun.
(Our Christmas Tree.)
(Presents from Santa. ha. My little brother got a mo-ped... and it is SO fun to ride. ha. We always chase each other with it. ha.)
(When Rusten saw that he got a mo-ped he fell to the ground.. haha. it's so funny cause his little toothpick legs are just sticking out.)
(Mini Bananas for Christmas! ha. WOOHOO)
(Hannah and I. haha.)
I was able to talk to Austin on Christmas and it was SO much fun!! He is doing great! I am so proud of him and I love talking to him! :)
January 14th was Austin's one year mark. WOOHOO.. One more year to go. It kinda flew by. It's crazy to think that next year around this time he will be getting home! :)
(Me in Austin's jacket. :) )
Lately I have also been having Jr. Miss practice. It is great! I am super excited for Jr. Miss! :)
I will be more on top in blogging world starting now hopefully! ha.
Have a fantastic day everyone! :)
P.S. I forgot one big detail... I got a CELL PHONE for Christmas!! WOOHOO... I love it. It is SO convenient. :) Thanks JoDee! I also got TONS of Zebra stuff.. so thanks Santa, Sheena & Tyler, and Rusten!! I love it! And Mom... Thanks for all the things you do. You are greatest mom anyone could ask for! I love you so much. Thanks for always being there for me! Andy.. thanks for being the best big brother a sister could ask for. You are such a great person, and you are always there for me. Even when you don't act like it. haha. :)


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

you are so cute! I wanna make a cute calender like yours!

ashley mikell said...

i love the calendar! oh so cute! what a great gift for that boy.

Craig and Aly said...

The calendar is darling! Good Job!

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