Saturday, December 18, 2010


Holy loly!!!! Where does time go?? haha. I swear it was just Thanksgiving and now I'm writing about Christmas being exactly a week away!!! It's insane. Yesterday was my last day of school until January!! It was awesome! For Christmas we have been doing some great things. We did a 12 Days of Christmas where every day we would go around to classes and collect change. This was to help 3 families in need of Christmas, be able to have a wonderful Christmas! :) Of course the seniors won the race! haha, but total we raised $2200!! Each family was able to have $730 worth of things. On Wednesday we went shopping for 4 hours and it was so fun! :) We were all in our student council sweaters and had carts chucked full!! haha. :) Then we had a Talent show... Jent and I went to the student council closet and found a HUGE disco ball so we hung it up on the stage!! :) It was awesome! :)

I love Christmas time.. people are always helping each other. :) Oh... also.. Our girls B-Ball team played Madison which is our rivals and take a wild guess as to who won!!!.............. Ya that's right!! WE DID!!! :) GO RIGBY!!! :D

Have a great Saturday.... I will post pictures soon! :)


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