Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So wow.... it was a little less than 2 months ago... haha. I worked in spud harvest!! :) It is something I look forward to! It is so much fun & so interesting. ha.

This is the truck I drove on the left and the truck Hannah drove on the right:
Ya that's right! It's the beast!! hhahah. :)
Oh man... like I said.. it is interesting. ha.

This is what you see all day:
So my truck was getting vines wrapped in the U-Joint REALLY bad!! We had to put duct tape on the U-Joints to help out. ha. But on the back ones the vines were bad... I had gloves on and I was trying to rip them out, but they were so bad that the vines cut through my gloves and made my finger bleed:
It looks kinda gross because there is dry blood behind my fingernail, and this picture was taken when the vlood ws dry. ha. But MAN did it hurt... What an adventure. :)
Pretty much every day got too hot so we had to stop digging in the afternoon and one day we decided to go to Sammy's!! :) It was SO SO SO good and FUN!!! :D
(Can you see mine and Hannah's reflection in the window? haha. :))
(Aww... Everything is made with Love!! :D)
It was such a Yummy place. Their shakes were good.. along with their Burgers!! :) I loved spud harvest. When I got back to school I had a little bit of work I had to make up but it was so worth it!! :D I'm looking forward to next year where hopefully The Beast and I can be reunited!! :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!! haha. :)

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