Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eventful week.. and very interesting.

This last week was very eventful... Here is what happened:

I took pictures of our cute little kitten. She is so tiny.

I was a waitress at Texas Rhodehouse for cheer. It was SO much fun... now me and the bartender are tight. She is so nice.

I took pictures of Doug's Jag for him so he could try saling it.

Went to a birthday party with Hailey. It was so much fun!! I got to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for a while.

Got a speeding ticket. I was driving to cheer practice and saw the cop lights in my rearview mirror. I was going 78 in a 55 and I couldn't find my registration. He told me I was shaking worse than he has seen anyone shake. My ticket was supposed to be $140, but he decided to be nice so he put that i was going 70 in a 55, so it was only $75. He is a nice state cop! ha. Oh ya.. and I rooled down my driver side window and was waiting for him to come and i looked and he was waiting at my passenger window. ha.

Went swathing with Hailey. It was SO interesting and fun!! ha. We had a blast... and I saw a family of mice.... IT WAS DISGUSTING! ha. And then I heard Kirk, Hailey's dad, sing... he is such a good singer.. I was very impressed.

Got bored so I made a ring out of a straw wrapper when I was at Red Robin.

Went to Transformers with friends and family.

My cousin from Cali came up, and I did her hair.

I gave a talk on seminary today in church.

Oh and last night we had a ward party and we had Sundae's Ice Cream!! It is the best ice cream ever!!! I'm gonna go there soon and get a basket of fresh cut french fries.. they are DELICIOUS!! :)



Angie Robison said...

Hey you did great in church. The girls always show the boys up!!! Your a cutie!!!!

alexandria said...

i know you posted this about a week ago, but i just want to tell you that i loved this post! so cute! you are having so much fun! i love that! p.s. it was fun to see you on the 4th. you are as cute as ever!

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