Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow.. it has been a long time! haha. Well... summer is AMAZING! ha. I have had cheer a lot which is ok... but i lost weight!! WOOHOO!! So I had Youth Conference this last weekend and it was SO much fun! When I got there, my friend Hailey came up to me and she got THE WORST sunburn I have seen! ha. I felt so bad for her!!

Today I went and laid out in the sun! :)

So update on Austin... He sent me his testimony for my birthday!! and then he gave me one of his name tags. I was SO happy!

Anyways... last week Hailey and I went into town, and her new car is SO cute! I love it. So we went to Taco Bell :] ha. and then we went and saw Night at the Museum 2!! It is the funniest movie! I love it. I encourage everyone to go see it!!

I finally got the Reflections of Christ CD!!! I love it! the music is SO pretty! I like the pictures that it shows on the case too! They are good.

Well, hopefully I get on and write another post soon. I have just been so busy! ha. Summer is Great!!



ashley mikell said...

Just found your blog! Happy Summer!

.::*Karrie*::. said...

i think hailey has a lot of good memories from taco bell. :] haha

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