Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Surprise! :D

I was going to wait an extra day to post this, because I was sending emails out to family, but I can't get the email to send, so I decided I mind as well just let the world know on my blog! :) hahaha.
We are BEYOND excited!!! :D
My due date is September 19th, 2013 (Which also happens to be my dad's birthday!).
We had our 2nd appointment today and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat today, and the water swishing around in the womb! hahaha. At our 1st appointment we had an ultrasound and I was BEYOND excited to see the baby!
I was nervous because last year (March) I had a miscarriage, and the only reason why I say that is because when I went through my miscarriage, I read a blog that helped me out, and so I might post some of my feelings about that and hopefully it will help people that are going through, or have gone through that experience. 
So that is why we waited so long to announce, and we didn't even tell siblings until after our first appointment (8 weeks and 5 days), because I was nervous we would get in there and they would say, "Oh you aren't pregnant!" So when I saw our little baby pop up on the screen I was so overcome with joy! 
FINALLY!!! haha. :)
We counted down the days, and when I passed the mark from my miscarriage, we celebrated that I made it past that point! And now I am even farther past that point. YAY!!
Everything looks great and healthy! :) I am 13 weeks on Thursday!! :) I haven't gained any weight yet, but I am hoping I will get a little pregnant belly soon!! haha. 
So again.... SURPRISE!! haha. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday!! :)
P.S. My sister-in-law had her baby yesterday, and she is such a cute little baby!! We just love her! :)


Taryn said...

Congrats Aubree!! That is soo exciting!! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage ):. But I am so happy to hear everything is going so good now! Congrats!!!!

The Andersons said...

Yay!!!The news is out finally!:) So excited for you guys...you will be great parents!!

Mindee and Austin said...

yay im so so excited for you guys! how neat your due date is on your dads birthday : ) he is sending down a gift for you on that special day. you will be such a cute pregnant mama, and a great mother!

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