Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Youtube... :)

Ok I know all I've been posting lately is YouTube Videos, but seriously... I'm just trying to share the greatness of all of these videos!! haha. :) 
This first one is SO amazing! This kid made this musical instrument out of PVC pipe and it is SO awesome!! I want to make one now! haha. And he made it like a piano.. it has the black keys behind the white keys, but obviously they are all maroon PVC pipe. haha. But if you look you can see the 2 and then 3 like how they black keys are on a piano! :)
Then this video is so great!! :) 
Maybe I just love it so much because my brother is coming home from his mission in 4 months!! :) AHHHH I am so STINKIN excited I can hardly contain it!! :) This is a cute video of a missionary seeing his mom when he gets home! :) And if you're anything like me it will make you cry!! :) 
Now the level of crying I'm not sure.. maybe a few tears, but if you're like me you will be bawling and then you will cry for like 5 minutes after the video is over!! hahaha. But again.. maybe that is just because my brother gets home SOON!!!! :) 
I hope you enjoyed the videos!! :) 
Basically it's what I do in my free time from cleaning and doing homework, to making food. haha. Watching videos like this is so fun!
Have a great Tuesday night! :)

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