Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sports filled weekend and week.

This past few days have been such a blast! :) To start off the weekend, Aust went snowmachining while I went to my SIL's baby shower! :)
It was so fun!! Then I met up with my sister's party crew at Famous Dave's and we surprised her for her birthday! :) 
Sunday was fun! We watched the super bowl with Austin's family and friends. There was yummy food and lots of watching the T.V. haha. And Beyonce's half-time performance (with Destiny's Child... who Hannah didn't know who that was!! WHAT???? hahaha.)! haha. 
Then we were off to Utah for a little getaway.... And check out my speedometer! hahaha. All ones!
So we drove down...
 We met up with Hailey, Jordan, Ashley, and Lyla and ate at J-Dawgs (which we LOVE!!!!!), then Jordan had to go to work, so then we went to the mall with Hailey, Ashley and Lyla and we visited Hailey's shoe store, which we love also!!! hahhaa. They have so many cute shoes! :) So we got our Valentine's gifts for eachother! :)
After that we went to dinner with my sister JoDeeann! :) We ate at In-n-Out which is another favorite! haha. It was so fun to see all our family! :)
Well then it was time to get down to business.. hahaha. We headed to the Jazz game! YEEAAHHHHH!!!!!
It was a blast!! We saw Jimmer, and we saw 1/2 bear!!! I love 1/2 bear!! And the Jazz won in overtime!! WOOHOO!!!! :D
It was such a blast!! :) We stayed the night, and to end the trip, we went to IKEA with Ashley and Lyla. It was our first time there and we thought it was such a cool store!!!! We ate lunch and then we had to get out of there so Aust could get home for scouts! :)
It was such a fun trip and weekend.
We are excited to see what the rest of February holds! :)
Have a great Thursday! :)

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