Saturday, October 20, 2012

Catching up Part 2: June

 At the beginning of June we celebrated Hannah's birthday! :) She wanted to go Zip Lining, so as we waited, Aust and I, along with my mom and Rusten went biking! It was so much fun! :) 
 Then we went Zip Lining... It. was. a. BLAST!! :) I was really scared at first, but then it was SUPER fun!! :)
 {We got to ride doubles which was fun! haha}
 Then of course we celebrated with some birthday cake! OH YA!! :D
 We went to Red Lobster and I accidentally went out the emergency door and set off the fire alarm... Ya.. It was embarrassing. hahaha.
One day I was talking on the phone with my mom and I put a piece of chocolate in my mouth and bit my tongue SO hard. Then I was on the phone with Austin and I was cutting a piece of plastic with a steak knife {Ya bad idea I know! ha} and it cut through and cut my finger... OOUCH!! It hurt SO SO SO bad!! And I thought I was going to die from loss of blood. haha. But now it's a scar and I still can feel it sometimes. I think I might have cut through a nerve or something..
And then we got our first and only snow cones of the year! hahaha. :) They were DELISH! :)
The Rigby Sno Shack makes the BEST snow cones EVER!!! Aust got carameled apple and I got peach ring! YUM TO MY TUM!! :D
Our month of June was a blast, and this was all just in the beginning of June! You are all in for a treat when you hear about the rest of our fun summer!! :)
Have a great weekend!! :D
I am going to be blogging more often now because my schedule is FINALLY slowing down a little! :)

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