Thursday, July 19, 2012

Suprise! :)

So over the past little while Aust and I have been talking about getting a new car and we really liked the GMC Terrain. We decided though that we were going to wait until January ish. haha. Well after a while of looking at the Terrain we decided we just couldn't wait any longer {and plus.. I needed to get my credit built up! haha. And getting a car was the only way to go. 
So Monday of last week I went on parts runs with Aust and we looked at the GMC Terrain and we LOVED it... But then we decided maybe we should look at the Chevy version which is the Equinox. So we went to the car dealership and looked at the Equinox and it was the exact same as the Terrain on the inside {and actually it had more features than the Terrain} and the outside was a little more rounded than the Terrain. We LOVED it even more!! {And might I add it was $4000 cheaper! :) Who doesn't want to save money right?}
So we decided to get it. Well the one I wanted was Crystal Red on the outside with Titanium interior. 
The closest one was in Utah so I had to wait until the next day to get it. 
So While we waited for the call that it was in, I deep cleaned my Alero and got ready to say my goodbyes to it.... haha.
Then we went in and got our new car!! And took the Alero back to it's true owner. hahaha. {I might have shed a few tears... maybe not.. ha.}
Look at this beauty!! Don't you love it?
Well I told Sheena I had a suprise and she said is it a new car, but I didn't want her to think that so I sent her a picture of these clippers and said "Don't you like my suprise!? I've been wanting these forever!" haha.
Well the next day I went to Rexburg to have a girls day with my mom, Sheena, and my grandma :)
I showed them my car and we rode together in it :)
Then we went to the Temple and then ate at this yummy Thai place :)
And Sheena wasn't fooled by the clippers. hahaha.
Well now that we have this we always want to just go on drives and it is so fun! :)
And it's a small SUV so it'll be perfect when we start adding members to our family. hahaha.
But if you are looking for a new car, get the Equinox!! It is so awesome!
It has a touch screen, hands free calling with Bluetooth, it has MyLink which is a new feature that it hooks up to your apps on your phone, so you can play pandora! :) It is SUPER roomy and so much more! Go check them out!! You will want one so bad! 
Oh and now we like the Equinox more than the Terrain.. hahha.
It is so cute! :)
Now we're a Chevy family! :) Whitey and Redy! haha. :)
Well have a great day!
I will try to post more often. :)
It's crazy how busy you can get in the summer haha.


Jordan & Reigan Hyde said...

I love your new car! Doesn't it make you feel so grown up when you get to make these big exciting decisions?!

Candace Stevenson said...

hah yayyy new cars!! those are really nice, too! i'm basically jealous of you :)

Lovely Little Rants

ashley mikell said...

i am missing your posts! post again soon!

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