Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day! :)

This Memorial Day was great! :) 
First I went to the Burton Cemetery and visited my dad's grave and my grandpa's grave.
It was so good to do that! And the top left picture is the flowers I took to my dad's grave! :)
Lately I have missed my dad so much. I just have gone through quite a lot lately and I haven't had my dad to turn to in these happy and rough times, but I do know that he is there comforting me in those rough times and rejoicing with me in those happy times. It's just crazy that it has already been almost 9 years since his wreck. My dad is the best, and those days when I am thinking about him and can't remember certain things, it makes me sad, but I'm so glad that I know what I know, so I know that I will see my dad again, and I am so excited for that! :) My family will be able to finally have another big group family hug! :)
I'm excited to see my grandpa again too! He was there for me so much and I am so glad he was! :)
Then we ate in Driggs with Austin's family and then we drove to Jackson and there was SNOW!! Crazy! So Austin and Blake went mountain biking down the Jackson Pass and Alex and I waited for them at the bottom, so I wasn't able to try out my new mountain bike that I got for my birthday, but hopefully I get to soon! :) When they were done, they were pretty dirty! haha. 
Then we went to Jackson and went shopping and I got some cute stuff! :) 
It was starting to get late and we knew it was time to get home, so we stopped at Swan Valley and got square ice cream which was YUM to my TUM!! :D 
We decided this is going to be our family tradition! :) I am so excited to carry on this tradition and have our kids enjoy it with us! :) 
Well have a great Tuesday!

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