Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So today Hailey and I went to Bambinos and there was a cool wall so we took pictures by it and we had fun while taking the pics.

Well.. I got asked to the Homecoming dance and I am really excited for it.
How I got asked:
I got home from Gymnastics and Andy walked in and asked if I was home and so I went to the front door and saw this and was suprised.

Well.. I looked in the block of Ice and found this.

WOOHOO!!! :)
Well Sunday I felt like a Zebra.. I had on these shoes
these earrings and necklace.
and this watch.
These are the pictures from last post that I didn't get to put up! :)

Hannah and I cleaned out my purse and this was like half of it. it was funny.
Then we got yummy milkshakes at Maverick.
Hai and I on the way to the Preston game.
Me and my sister JoDee when she came up.
Have you ever used these before?? they are really weird.. and they kinda hurt! haha.

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