Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chicken Pot Pies

Tonight at mutual we made Chicken Pot Pies and it was SO fun.
Well, we didn't have a rolling pin, so when I made the crust I had to pat it down with my hands.
It was different but fun.
Well, this is before we cooked it, but this is the finished product basically.
I wanted to taste it SO bad.
It looked SO good.
I had to do everything that had to do with the crust though for some reason...
First they tell me to make the crust.
Then they tell me to roll it out so I rolled it out with my hands.
Then I showed them how I finish the edges on the crust so they were like,
"Okay, you're in charge of folding/finishing the edges."
I am glad I did it though, because now I want to make more!! :)
We made Pumpkin Spice cake stuff too, but we were able to eat that.
It was REALLY good!!
So if anyone wants to make a pie,
tell me and we can make them toghether,
cause I want to make another one! :)

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