Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cute little baby at her blessing! :)

 If you can't tell, I have the CUTEST niece EVER!! :) We just love her! 
Well, the beginning of June was her baby blessing and she looked adorable, but all these pictures were when she was already out of her blessing dress, but if you'd like to see it {Which it is a beautiful dress and she looked beautiful in it} go here.
Here are some pictures from that day! :)
We just can't enough of her! ha.
So we're gonna go see her and her parents while we're on our anniversary trip this weekend! :)
Don't you agree that she is the cutest little girl?? :)
Well have a great Thursday! :)
P.S. The next few posts will be catching up and new ones all mixed together. ha. 
And our 1 year anniversary is this Monday, July 2nd, and I realized I never posted about our honeymoon!! So that will be one of the posts I'll be posting! :)

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