Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanksgiving and Gearing Up!

The day before Thanksgiving, I had a Pie Making Party with my mom, sister, and Stink! :)

Stinko played the piano for me when I first got there and he is like a PRO now!!! :D haha.

Rusten is such a cute little brother!! :)


Ya... Ty and Aust just sat there as we baked! haha.

We made 6 different kinds of pie, but you will see those later in the post! :D


That night, Rusten stayed the night at our house! :)

And Thanksgiving day, before we were off to my mom's for din din, we played a little DANCE CENTRAL!! :D


Well we got there and for an appetizer we had a peanut butter cheeseball and a normal one, and as you can tell from this picture, they were a HUGE hit! :D

So this turkey was so confusing! haha. My mom had Tyler and I help her pour the liquids in that pot next to it, but we didn't get what she was telling us to do until we were in the middle of it! haha. It was great! :)

Here's the cute & YUMMY set up:

{The pepper was colorful!! :)}

My mom's brother and sister and their families came up for Thanksgiving and it was so fun! Because usually we go to Utah or something, but they came here this time! :D

{MMM... My husband is SEXY!! That's right... you heard me! :) haha.}

My cousin has two CUTE little girls and I loved trying to make Olivia smile and Gracie make a roll! :)


{Lemon Merigue, Caramel Apple, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, German Chocolate, and Pumpkin!}
Here's my plate! :) Aust had to finish it off when the boys and him got back from hunting! :)

Saturday we went to The Forgotten Carols and afterwards went to Orange Leaf... Which is my favorite!! SERIOUSLY! If you haven't gone... you NEED to!! :D

Then we went on a double with Austin's best friend Kyle, and his girlyfriend Justine! :)

We went spotlighting and then went to the SNAKE PIT!!!

It was freaky!

And there was a SNAKE!! EWWW!!

Then I found these Reese's and I want them for a stocking stuffer!!! THEY. LOOK. AMAZING!!! :D 1 pound of chocolate, peanut butter goodness... mm..mmm...mmmm!! :D

For Christmas Season I made this wreath!!!


You just take a hanger and put ornaments on it and then hang it with ribbon! :D

OH.... and we went BLACK FRIDAY shopping!! :) It was a blast!

We went at 2 in the morning and we were done by 8 in the morning!

And we got a few things online too!! There was WAY better deals online! :D

Well after we came out of Home Depot we got some breakfast sandwiches! :D

We thought they were so good, that a few days later, we made our own kind! :D

Then for a Sunday dinner I made BBQ Shreded Chicken, Fries, Applesauce, and Potato Salad!! :D It was DELISH and really easy!! :)

Then I got a facial done from Mary Kay and I bought this Foundation Primer!! :)

It feels like you are rubbing like Silky AIR on your face!! It's awesome! :) I even made Austin try it! :) hahahah. Well not the facial, but the primer! :)

Then Austin's grandma gave us a Christmas Tree, PRE-LIT!! And we love it! :) I decorated it the other day and I have a few decorations around the house, but There aren't many, so the tree is the biggest, so I took a picture of that! :D

Next week is finals week, and this week and next week we've been having presentations in my english class and these boys did theirs on how beards should be allowed on the BYUI campus.... so they handed out these beards and had us wear them during their presentation!! hahahaha.

Austin calls this the Lumberjack Smile! haha. :)

Well I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, cause I know I did!! :) It was great spending time with family! :)

Have a great weekend! :)


P.S. Tomorrow Austin turns the big double 2!!! haha. I'll be posting about his parties hopefully monday! :D haha.

P.S.S. Make sure you check out my brother's mission blog to see how he's doing! :D click here to see.

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