Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'll become better... I promise. :)

So sorry for all the LONG posts lately. I just don't want to leave anything out. Soon though I will get everyone caught up and then hopefully I will be blogging more often. haha. :)
Well my cousin Stephanie came up and we had an adventure. We discovered this ghost town on the way to Rexburg, or so we thought. Well after we left my sister's house one night, we decided to check it out. We found out it was a shooting range, but it was still freaky at night. ha. So we drove around in it.
Don't you think that looks like a real person?? Well Steph and I saw it and started screaming cause we thought it was a person, but then we realized it was a scare crow. ha.
We were still scared out of our minds though. I told Steph we should get out and touch the building and she was afraid to. Well I got out and ran back in the car and shut the door as fast as I could. ha. Well Steph finally decided to come so we took a picture by one of the freaky buildings. It was crazy!
Eclipse anyone? I went to the midnight premiere of Eclipse. It was SO good. Definitely my favorite Twilight movie yet. :) I saw it with the Horn family.
Schuyler and I, and his mom and sister.
The picture of our new uniforms I promised. :) Don't you just love them? I am so happy with them, and I'm so happy we got white ones. I've been wanting white ones for SO long! :)
I went on a nail painting streak. I painted my cousin's toenails, my fingernails, and my sister's toenails. :)
Have you ever just looked around in Barnes & Noble, but didn't buy anything? Well me and my sister decided to look around while my brother was getting surgery on his mouth and we found a book that had all the baby names in it. I found my name and was like, "Ummm.... elf ruler?" haha. And my sister Sheena's said God's gracious gift! Wow.. those are two complete opposite things. lol.
Have you ever been swathing?? I LOVE swathing! It's SO fun. I love farms and tractors. They are so interesting and fun. I wish I would've grown up on a farm, but I'm glad I have friends that let me come with them. :)
This is the veiw from inside the swather! :)
Ok funny story. So my mom bought us some of this Naked juice.
So as you can see it is on the floor. You're probably wondering how it happened and why someome would spill this yummy juice. ha. Ok. So I was putting away the butter and I turned around and my little brother was right behind me with a glass of juice. I didn't know he was behind me and my elbow hit his glass. It flew right into his face and it was ALL over him. ha. And all over the floor. It was funny cause it all happened in like one second. One second he was going to give the juice to Caroline, my brother's fun, cute, girlfriend, and the next second he has it spilt all over him and the floor. ha. He was a little mad, but everyone started laughing because it was so funny so he couln't get too mad. ha. After that I had to watch my elbows though and look before I turned around. :)
So at babysitting we were drawing and the kids wanted me to draw something for them. I decided to draw a picture of a person. ha. It isn't great but they loved it! :)
My mom asked me to cut strawberrys and I was cutting them and realized one looked like a heart!! :) so presh!
Did everyone have a good 4th of July weekend?? :) I did. It was SO fun. Saturday the 3rd, I had to go to Rigby Lake and pick up trash for a service project for cheer with the football players. Well then I went to the Idaho Falls parade with my mom and little brother.
Doesn't he just look so excited for a picture? haha.
Then that night I went to the Melaluca Fireworks with my friend Kallie. It was so much fun. I saw some people I hadn't seen for a while.
Then Sunday the 4th, was my grandma's birthday. Isn't she just so cute?
I made that chocolate cake! Yummy huh? :)
Well the 5th of July was when Menan celebrated the 4th of July. Us cheerleaders had a booth there and this is what I made for it:
A hamburger cookie! :) Do you like it? You should try it. It's really good.
This was my 4th of July outfit and then I got a Sarong!!! :) I am so excited to use it all the time when I go swimming! :)
I went shopping and got this hat. and the vest thing! :) Then Hannah and I went shopping that day too. :) She is so fun. I love playing with Hannah cause she is so cute and I feel like she's my long lost little sister. :) hahaha.
My mom, Rusten, and I decided to check out the space stuff at the visitor's center and it was AWESOME!! :) Definitely worth seeing. Then we walked around the temple and took some pictures :)
They always have the most beautiful flowers there! :)
I got some cute new gray shorts/capris. :) I love them.
So I go into Rexburg after I get my jeans and look at the sky and see this!! I was wondering what was going on. It made everything look orange. Then I found out the site caught on fire or something. CRAZY!!!
I got this new silver sweater cardigan thing! I love it. I think it is adorable. I have just been so happy with my purchases lately! :) Then I went to Twizl Berry and got a Peanut Butter frozen Yogurt and I think Cake Batter. Then I put like every candy bar on it and it was DELICIOUS!! :)
My cousin Steph came up again, but this time her family came too. I haven't seen my cousin Sabrina in so long it seems like. It was fun to see all of them and to meet their friends.
We ate at Craigo's and we went in the parking lot and started dancing. It was so fun. We were doing some crazy dancing. Then that night Steph and I made up a crazy rap that makes NO sense. haha. :) It was fun though. At first I just stood there and it looked boring so we redid it and I think I started bouncing too much cause I look like a phsyco!! haha. I love to see family though. It is so fun.
Well probably one more post of catching you up and then we'll be on he same page! :)
Have a WONDERFUL week everyone. You won't hear from me this week cause I'm gonna be at cheer camp!! :)
P.S. I am on a no texting streak as a challenge from my missionary.. and so far it isn't bad. I actually kind of enjoy not having to look at my screen with words on it all the time. haha. :)


Rozalynn and Mitch said...

it looks to me like your having WAY to much fun missy...

Shan said...

hey, excuse me... you saw Eclipse with the Horn family and SHANDA! :P
haha just kidding. i just had to give you crap. :)

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